What's the Fermented Food Craze All About? Find Out the Healing Benefits of these 4 Fermented Foods

Fermented foods are on their way to fame, with some of them already setting trends in the world capitals' trendiest eateries. I trust you want to make sure to be up to date with these healthy probiotic nutrients, and their wondrous healing benefits

By Aleksandra Medina

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Family-friendly Recipes for Parent Folk and Little Ones: Nutrition Hacks of 'Wellberries' Blogger Tuulia

The Wellberries blog looks sweet like a candy store, complete with a myriad of pretty pictures of mermaid smoothies and nice creams. We asked Tuulia Järvinen, holistic health coach behind Wellberries, about the secrets of her family's well-being and radiance. 

By Meri Frig

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Savant's Weekend Yoga Crush: CorkYogis

As Lara Sengupta was searching for a better way to be connected to the ancient Indian knowledge, she came up with CorkYogis. To add depth to her own passion for yoga, the company that specialises in sustainable cork yoga mats and bags hand-made out of recycled sarees, also helps human trafficking survivors rebuild their lives. 

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