What's the Fermented Food Craze All About? Find Out the Healing Benefits of these 4 Fermented Foods

Fermented foods are on their way to fame, with some of them already setting trends in the world capitals' trendiest eateries. I trust you want to make sure to be up to date with these healthy probiotic nutrients, and their wondrous healing benefits

By Aleksandra Medina

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Family-friendly Recipes for Parent Folk and Little Ones: Nutrition Hacks of 'Wellberries' Blogger Tuulia

The Wellberries blog looks sweet like a candy store, complete with a myriad of pretty pictures of mermaid smoothies and nice creams. We asked Tuulia Järvinen, holistic health coach behind Wellberries, about the secrets of her family's well-being and radiance. 

By Meri Frig

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Dreams On Plates and Sustainable New Orleans Style Cooking: Food Influencer Richard McCormick

Richard McCormick – recently chosen as one of the biggest trendsetters in Finland by the local business press – is a chef, restaurateur, food stylist, and the author of many inspirational cooking books. We interviewed Richard for his take on the concepts born out of his captive creativity. 

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The Recipe Hunters: Discovering World's Cultures, Dish by Dish

The Recipe HuntersAnthony Morano and Leila Elamine, travel to regions around the world, from rural areas of Lebanon and Palestine to olive farms in Italy, with a single purpose of connecting people through food. Through film and photography, Anthony and Leila share their experiences and stories of people from around the globe.

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Slow Food Movement Taking Over in Tartu, Estonia: Aparaat & Barlova

Historically, Tartu is somewhat notorious for its café traditions. The university town attracts young crowd from all over the country and abroad, so cafés have long served as socialising places for the youth. My grandmother would tell me stories about she and her friends enjoying fresh pastries at Café Werner before heading to lectures as a favourite pastime. Werner has been around since 1882, making it one of the oldest cafés in Estonia. Many Estonian writers and artists gathered there to play chess, read poetry, and of course, drink coffee. But times have changed and so has café culture. People’s lives have grown faster and it seems like we have simply lost connection with time to enjoy an indulgent drink or sit down for a chat.

Yet amid the hectic day-to-day life in today’s Tartu, there are those who choose to enjoy the little moments. Whether we are sipping coffee at a quaint local café before heading to work or venturing into a new hip restaurant at the creative district for lunch break, we try to embrace a slower lifestyle. And the city responds to the yearning. A new wave of cafés, bars and restaurants with sassy names are popping up all over the town, and we’re excited.

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