Savant is a digital slow lifestyle publication challenging the cult of speed. Savant manifests itself as your go-to destination for news about fine ethical fashion and authentic living. Savant represents sustainable, transparent and traceable fashion and a collective strive for a more conscious, caring mindset.

At Savant, we profoundly interact with creative practitioners to explore the connection and passion that gears their contribution to sustainable living and change. We believe in quality and slow production because only that what’s born from meaningful thinking, is durable, timeless, and worth investing in. 

Slow living requires being present in the now.

The Beginning

Hanna-Amanda, Founder of Savant Magazine.

Hanna-Amanda, Founder of Savant Magazine.

Savant was founded by Hanna-Amanda P. G. as a Final Major Project concept for her Fashion Journalism (Bachelors of Arts) degree in May 2015. She currently splits her time between Paris, London and Tallinn, and looks for further opportunities to expand the project’s purpose and mission across major European capitals. She has, among others, completed fashion industry related internships at Fannie Schiavoni and IPR London, and worked for the former Fashion Republic Magazine based in Paris, France, but shortly decided to pursue her dream of her own brand. She is an advocate for meaningful living and believer in slow stories that can truly make a difference. She has now taken full responsibility for the content and production of Savant, which she leads, curates and directs independently, but has a team of industry experts to support and advise her along her way. However, the production of Savant Issue I (print) was a collective achievement displaying the work of multiple talented practitioners and co-authors.