Fast food. Fast fashion. Fast pleasure. Mass production. Speed dating. Brief bedtime stories. Tapping. Liking. Scrolling. Swiping. The usual. 

The omnipresence of digital media has inserted us into a culture, where more and fast are considered universally positive cultural currencies. The alarm goes off at 6am and another day will be passed chasing a mediocre 4 digit pay cheque. If you want to hang on, you better speed up. All of us are challenged to consider, “How can I possibly slow down if I want my career, company, product, or idea to triumph in the marketplace?”. And as it follows, the next 364 days we will loathe life in its ever-present mundane mediocracy. But slowing down does not always mean moving at a snail’s pace; rather it is doing everything at the right speed. It’s about savouring the hours and minutes rather than just counting them. About doing everything as well as possible. It’s about the importance of valuing quality over quantity. 

We are striving in the light of a Digital Age and global capitalism induced backlash that keeps reminding us we have been doing things wrong for far too long. As a result, slowosophy is having a moment, indicating a shift towards more meaningful living. As people are becoming more conscious about where their clothes, food and products come from, a new wave of brave brands are accordingly moving towards operating on a 100% transparency policy. At Savant, we engage with significant creative practitioners who embrace sustainability, durability and diligence in their craft, including Danish audio luxury master Torsten Valeur, Spanish eco couture label Diarte, and emerging Finnish fashion talent Justus K (ref - Savant Issue I).

At Savant, we aim to challenge and change the world so hastily geared forward by the unending information tsunami, leaving us numb from the things that truly matter to us. At Savant, we also know that life doesn’t get better through engaging in constant self-improvement, but through investing more time in ourselves and our surroundings. Savant will curate you through an assemblage of visually appetising slow stories in order to inspire you to appreciate the beauty of what surrounds us. Let’s not forget that we share a collective responsibility to shift things around. To learn to press the snooze button, and cancel our tomorrows. To stop contributing to valueless zigzagging around the clock. To quit our place as a low-paid prop serving someone else’s grand illusion; but rather to speak up, and travel, and love, and lose, risk, revolutionise and gamble with life’s fragile, burning dices. 

Here and now. There and then.