#Travel: Stomach-Filling Vegan Guide to Stockholm (PS! Don't Even Attempt to Leave the City Without Trying Out These 4 Vegan Eateries)

Whether you want to turn OM into NOM for aprés-yoga energy boost, or shine with navigating a global address book of healthy and luscious #bowlfood, these four trendy Scandinavian eateries will fix you up with solid veggie meals.

By Evelin Kangur

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Top 5 Vegan Food Spots in Milan: From Street Food Re-Imagined to Fancy Eateries

Asking for a soya cappuccino in the centre of Milan a few years ago would cause the waitress impatiently roll their eyes at you, if you're lucky. Looking for a decent restaurant serving vegan dishes (unless you were fine with being brought a plate of bland boiled veggies) was like trying to find a unicorn. Fortunately by 2017, Milan stepped up the game and new vegan eateries keep popping up in the city. We have listed our 5 favourite ones!

Words: Katrin Kaurov

1. Flower Burger - For the Young & Vibrant Community

Flower Burger. 

Flower Burger. 

The first vegan gourmet burger in Italy, perfect for a quick bite if you’re nearby the bustling Corso Buenos Aires. Offering an alternative experience, Flower Burger’s mission is to show that it is possible to have a tasty, colourful meal using only vegetables, legumes and cereals for combinations. 

Do not miss: Tofungu Burger made with smoked tofu and mushrooms, Cheesy Cecil Burger made with a chickpeas patty, black bun and the turtler sauce & the Cherry Bomb Burger, which is the it-girls' favourite for its bold pink colour and flavour. 

Viale Vittorio Veneto 10, Milan


2. Raw Vegan Mantra - Market Restaurant & State of Mind

Raw Vegan Mantra. 

Raw Vegan Mantra. 

The first raw vegan restaurant in Italy where nothing is cooked in order to maintain intact all the nutritional values of the ingredients used. Inspired by Californian vegan lifestyle craze and combined with Italian traditional cuisine, Raw Vegan Mantra’s food is prepared in the Raw Lab by the food designer Alberto Minio Paluello.

Not to miss: Tostado (avocado toast on raw homemade bread), cold-pressed juices, rawv (raw pumpkin ravioli in a pine nut and spinach fondue).

Via Panfilo Castaldi 21, Milan


3. V3raw - The Healthy Jump



With the aim of harmonising nutrition organic functionalities and energy control, V3raw is a health cafe in the heart of Porta Venezia. Offering healthy breakfast bowls, lunch and dinner options together with V3raw sport events, it is not just a regular eatery. V3raw is a jump into a healthier more mindful life!

Do not miss: The best Macha latte in town with almond milk!

Via Spallanzani

Angolo Viale Regina Giovanna


4. Universo Vegano - Vegan Fast Food

Universo Vegano. 

Universo Vegano. 

Universo Vegano is the first healthy vegan fast food chain in Italy, aiming to cater for people who follow a vegan lifestyle even during a busy day. With two cosy restaurants situated in Milan, it offers a quick but healthy escape from the daily bustle, the menu includes everything from vegan salads to “cheatmeals” such as seitan burgers, vegan kebabs and tiramisus.

Do not miss: Tartufu Royale (vegan mushroom burger with truffles).

Via Solferino 41, Milan and Ripa di Porta Ticinese 49, Milan


5. Radicetonda - Real Organic Food



Although everything is labeled as 'natural' or 'organic' these days, Radicetonda takes it to another level being one of the 10 restaurants in Italy to have the biologic certification ICEA with maximum score. Radicetonda offers innovative possibilities in the field of vegan cuisine, using raw ingredients and freeing the prejudices that present vegan cuisine as unattractive - choice ranges from street food to mixed dishes with pasta, cereals and vegetables.

Do not miss: Theme nights with a real Japanese chef offering organic and traditional Japanese vegan food!

Via Lazzaro Spallanzani 16, Milano



Everyday Ethical Luxury from Berlin: LUCKYNELLY Vegan Accessories

One of my favourite things about ethical fashion is how it urges creators to think outside of the box and be innovative in their entire design process. LUCKYNELLY’s animal-friendly ethos focuses on bold, elevated everyday luxury accessories. Made in Berlin, yet produced in Milan, LUCKYNELLY is challenging the norm of sustainability. From bags to jewellery to silk scarves - yes, even including touches of ethical silk! - their everyday goodies are true show-stoppers. Christine Rochlitz, founder of LUCKYNELLY, shared her take on slow design accessories.

Words: Johanna Raudsepp

LUCKYNELLY Vegan Accessories, 2017. 

LUCKYNELLY Vegan Accessories, 2017. 

Your entire brand focuses deeply on ethical creation. What do you value most about sustainable design?

For me, sustainable design means a slower approach [to creating] where no mass consumption principles are implemented. I remember when I was a teenager, there was a denim store near my hometown. I loved to wear super skinny denim from Levi’s and, at this time, they were already quite expensive. I had one pair in blue and one in black. I wore them for a few years and was always so proud of my jeans. 

Today, with all those big fast fashion chains, you don’t have the opportunity to ‘love’ your clothes because fashion and new trends change too fast, and it leaves you forever with an unsatisfactory feeling. Quality should really be more important than quantity. As Vivienne Westwood put it: 'Buy less, choose well, make it last.'

What's your take on slow living?

Slow living to me means that you focus more on things that are really important in life, like being happy, spending time with family and friends or pets, being outside, and spending time cooking. People are living at a fast pace every day, so they are always overwhelmed and their lives are non-stop, chaotic. I think it is time to enjoy life more and to flee of all this pressure.

"Today, with all those big fast fashion chains, you don’t have the opportunity to ‘love’ your clothes because fashion and new trends change too fast, and it leaves you forever with an unsatisfactory feeling."

LUCKYNELLY Vegan Accessories, 2017. 

LUCKYNELLY Vegan Accessories, 2017. 

LUCKYNELLY Vegan Accessories, 2017. 

LUCKYNELLY Vegan Accessories, 2017. 

Where do you draw inspiration from?

Nature inspires me the most. There are so many beautiful creatures and plants in absolutely fantastic colors and structures - for example, the Rose Chafer. For the Peace Silk Scarves [collection] I was inspired by images I took of flowers with my Canon Cam, and changed the colours and layers. But also my materials inspire me - working with things such as the genuine wood material, which is easy to work with, and the slate stone.

LUCKYNELLY Vegan Accessories, 2017. 

LUCKYNELLY Vegan Accessories, 2017. 

What is LUCKYNELLY's vision towards a sustainable future?

The vision of LUCKYNELLY is that people buy more carefully, thinking of where the clothes come from and if an animal or human had to die or suffer to create it, and truly act upon it. LUCKYNELLY also aims to demonstrate that vegan alternatives to animal leather are luxurious, fashionable, and fair-trade.

LUCKYNELLY Vegan Accessories, 2017. 

LUCKYNELLY Vegan Accessories, 2017. 

You can buy LUCKYNELLY accessories here.


Axiology Beauty: Colorama of Vegan Lipsticks for Every Occasion

Have you ever wondered how cruelty-free are the contents of your make-up bag? I do like to believe that conscious lifestyle choices can extend to our beauty rituals - be it bathing or enhancing your radiance for a memorable night out. These natural, organic lipsticks by Axiology, with shades ranging from subtle natural nudes to queen-of-the-night black, make sure you stand out from the crowd on every occasion. Ericka Rodriguez, founder and formulator at Axiology Beauty, shared their love for beauty with us.

Words: Johanna Raudsepp

Theory by Axiology / Photo: Ed Dasso. 

Theory by Axiology / Photo: Ed Dasso. 

What inspired the launch of Axiology?

Axiology was inspired by our dedication to a cruelty-free lifestyle. I have been vegan for many years and during the time of Axiology's beginning, I was delving more into understanding animal testing and animal derived ingredients in our home and personal care products. After lots of research, I vowed to only purchase make-up products that were dedicated in their stance on being cruelty-free. Unfortunately, at the time, I felt a lot of brands fell short. I didn't like the feel of the lipstick and didn't think any of the brands were marketed for me. I wanted something vegan, high performing and cool. I thought it would be fun to try to make my own lipstick (if you can't tell, this has always been my favourite make-up product) and would formulate before and after work 5 days a week. Eventually, I found a recipe I loved and had to bring it to the market.

"My boyfriend and I lived along rice paddies and had a view of a volcano from our studio."

Ericka Rodriguez, founder of Axiology. 

Ericka Rodriguez, founder of Axiology. 

Axiology is aligned with the values of sustainability. What is your take on sustainable beauty? Where could it evolve in the near future?

Sustainable beauty is here to stay. Ingredients are key to keeping our bodies healthily sustained and I think consumers are demanding this more than ever.

What are Axiology’s characteristics?

Axiology is intentional in her actions, intelligent in her worldview, and compassionate above all.

What has been your most memorable experience on the journey of creating Axiology lipsticks?

The most memorable experience is journeying to Bali, Indonesia, to study ingredients and it is also the place that led me to the women who hand-recycle and hand make our boxes. Bali is wonderful and my boyfriend and I lived along rice paddies and had a view of a volcano from our studio. I was also able to work alongside many other entrepreneurs, which has been crucial to my success. They all really pushed me and gave me valuable advice that I still put into practice.

"Most crucial to me when we talk about a ‘slow’ lifestyle is just slowing down in general. I meditate every morning and that's what really aligns my day."

Noble by Axiology / Photo: Ed Dasso. 

Noble by Axiology / Photo: Ed Dasso. 

Black by Axiology / Photo: Ed Dasso. 

Black by Axiology / Photo: Ed Dasso. 

How do you understand slow living and how do you apply its principles to your day-to-day life?

I'm all for the slow lifestyle. I know that in most cases the slow lifestyle is referring to avoiding mass production and eating organically, so I usually host clothing swaps instead of going shopping and frequent farmers markets. However, most crucial to me when we talk about a ‘slow’ lifestyle is just slowing down in general. I meditate every morning and that's what really aligns my day.

Who do you look up to as your beauty inspiration?

Beauty inspiration would be Beyonce. She's the queen.

If Axiology was a flower, which one would it be?

Axiology would be a cactus flower. We see ourselves in the desert under the open sky.

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#WeAreTesting Antonin B Paris Bio-Organic Haircare

If there’s one rule of thumb in my world, it goes along the lines, ‘my hair is the most misbehaved, disobedient bodily feature I own, living somewhere on a distant planet called I Do Only What I Want, Regardless What You Want. You wouldn’t want this mantra to be internalised by your children or life partner, and you’d also kinda want your hair to oblige — well, at least the rules of gravity. Sounds already like a lost case, doesn’t it? 

However, whenever there’s a situation without a solution, I would desperately want to fight the odds and make the impossible seem possible. To make the misbehaved voluntarily cooperate in the same rhythm with other bodily features and creatures I am forced to live with all my life, unfortunately hair (that doesn't want to behave) is one of them. Recently, I’ve started growing a fond interest in ethical and organic products in every aspect of life, so it followed quite naturally I also started looking into removing the chemicals found in my haircare products and treatments. All as natural and chemical-free as possible, s’il voussss plait. I screamed and yelled at the imaginary attendants on my imaginary flight from Messy Hair to Hair Heaven. The greatest Hair Emergency always seems to take place when you least expect it — on travels to the most distant lands, deserts and plateaus, whereas it is guaranteed your most beloved creams and serums are sold miles away, or when worse comes to worst, not at all. 

This time, I took these 2 miracle hair products by Antonin B. along with me to my latest travel adventure to a rather sticky and humid country, Tunisia, North Africa, to be precise, hence I needed my hair to be held well — neatly and nicely — in place, and not to let me down even once in this hectic 24-hour cycle. Firstly, the eco-certified hair oil Ceramides Enriched Desert Serum, boasting the ability to restore long-lasting hydration, helps to fight hair dryness, and bio-organic Intense Honey Butter with honey extract makes sure your hair starts behaving even under the most tricky weather conditions, without even attempting to lose its silkiness and smoothness. 

Antonin B: Ceramides Enriched Desert Serum.

I applied this Antonin B. bio-organic hair serum overnight every day by massaging a fair share of three to four moisturising elixir droplets into my hair, without rinsing it afterwards. I felt like the overnight treatment proved to be effective, as my hair was getting repaired during the hours I was enjoying my much needed beauty sleep. The delicate aroma of — well, just pure natural oil — is indistinct enough not to come across overwhelming or even cause headaches, which I personally always appreciate about personal care and beauty products. 

In the morning, after treating my hair to a light rinse, I truly saw the repairing effects of the serum: the oil had transformed my misbehaved bangs into a resilient, obedient citizen, always willing to walk the line and follow the rules of authority. As per instruction for a longer lasting result, I applied two to three drops on damp hair followed by a blow-dry. You could even flat iron straight afterwards, and make sure to add one to two drops for extra shine. Blow drying the hair after applying the serum helps the results show effect much faster and also guarantees your hair stays intact for longer. And well before starting the strenuous hikes and wonderful strolls around the ancient city’s Medina area, I also needed a strong, secure fix to fight any unexpected breeze along the way. 

Antonin B: Intense Honey Butter.

Here another product by Antonin B. came to help, appearing as miraculously as a life-saving Ghostbuster, the bio balm with natural honey extract guarantees not even a single misbehaved piece of hair stays floating unkemptly in air. As a result, your curls are fixated neatly, making the hair look healthier than ever before, and even adding additional density and glow to the ends. The texture is so light and the product dissolves naturally on its own, so you do not even need to wash your hands after applying the balm! (however, for hygiene reasons I would still recommend to do so). I was 6 hours on road and my hair stayed intact for the entire day of discovering the marvels of ancient Tunis city and even remained entirely photo proof: yes, sometimes it is all we, women, need… merci, Antonin B., for not taking our recurring hair troubles and concern about ethical matters entirely lightly. 

If you have any doubts regarding choosing the right gift for all the haircare freaks, or those obsessed all over with chemical-free products, Antonin B. is here to help you out with a fresh, Christmassy take on vegan haircare, with the limited edition offer also featured in our Conscious Gift Guide 2016.

Still not entirely convinced? Find the range of products and story here.