Building a Tiny Eco-House on Wheels in New Zealand: a Couple of Planet Loving Surfers Live Their Life to its Fullest Potential

"Moving into our tiny house has also helped us to get rid off even more things we simply don’t need, or things that bring no value to our life. We believe that experiences are more valuable in life than things."

By Meri Frig

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#Travel: Stomach-Filling Vegan Guide to Stockholm (PS! Don't Even Attempt to Leave the City Without Trying Out These 4 Vegan Eateries)

Whether you want to turn OM into NOM for aprés-yoga energy boost, or shine with navigating a global address book of healthy and luscious #bowlfood, these four trendy Scandinavian eateries will fix you up with solid veggie meals.

By Evelin Kangur

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