Top 5 Vegan Food Spots in Milan: From Street Food Re-Imagined to Fancy Eateries

Asking for a soya cappuccino in the centre of Milan a few years ago would cause the waitress impatiently roll their eyes at you, if you're lucky. Looking for a decent restaurant serving vegan dishes (unless you were fine with being brought a plate of bland boiled veggies) was like trying to find a unicorn. Fortunately by 2017, Milan stepped up the game and new vegan eateries keep popping up in the city. We have listed our 5 favourite ones!

Words: Katrin Kaurov

1. Flower Burger - For the Young & Vibrant Community

Flower Burger. 

Flower Burger. 

The first vegan gourmet burger in Italy, perfect for a quick bite if you’re nearby the bustling Corso Buenos Aires. Offering an alternative experience, Flower Burger’s mission is to show that it is possible to have a tasty, colourful meal using only vegetables, legumes and cereals for combinations. 

Do not miss: Tofungu Burger made with smoked tofu and mushrooms, Cheesy Cecil Burger made with a chickpeas patty, black bun and the turtler sauce & the Cherry Bomb Burger, which is the it-girls' favourite for its bold pink colour and flavour. 

Viale Vittorio Veneto 10, Milan

2. Raw Vegan Mantra - Market Restaurant & State of Mind

Raw Vegan Mantra. 

Raw Vegan Mantra. 

The first raw vegan restaurant in Italy where nothing is cooked in order to maintain intact all the nutritional values of the ingredients used. Inspired by Californian vegan lifestyle craze and combined with Italian traditional cuisine, Raw Vegan Mantra’s food is prepared in the Raw Lab by the food designer Alberto Minio Paluello.

Not to miss: Tostado (avocado toast on raw homemade bread), cold-pressed juices, rawv (raw pumpkin ravioli in a pine nut and spinach fondue).

Via Panfilo Castaldi 21, Milan

3. V3raw - The Healthy Jump



With the aim of harmonising nutrition organic functionalities and energy control, V3raw is a health cafe in the heart of Porta Venezia. Offering healthy breakfast bowls, lunch and dinner options together with V3raw sport events, it is not just a regular eatery. V3raw is a jump into a healthier more mindful life!

Do not miss: The best Macha latte in town with almond milk!

Via Spallanzani

Angolo Viale Regina Giovanna

4. Universo Vegano - Vegan Fast Food

Universo Vegano. 

Universo Vegano. 

Universo Vegano is the first healthy vegan fast food chain in Italy, aiming to cater for people who follow a vegan lifestyle even during a busy day. With two cosy restaurants situated in Milan, it offers a quick but healthy escape from the daily bustle, the menu includes everything from vegan salads to “cheatmeals” such as seitan burgers, vegan kebabs and tiramisus.

Do not miss: Tartufu Royale (vegan mushroom burger with truffles).

Via Solferino 41, Milan and Ripa di Porta Ticinese 49, Milan

5. Radicetonda - Real Organic Food



Although everything is labeled as 'natural' or 'organic' these days, Radicetonda takes it to another level being one of the 10 restaurants in Italy to have the biologic certification ICEA with maximum score. Radicetonda offers innovative possibilities in the field of vegan cuisine, using raw ingredients and freeing the prejudices that present vegan cuisine as unattractive - choice ranges from street food to mixed dishes with pasta, cereals and vegetables.

Do not miss: Theme nights with a real Japanese chef offering organic and traditional Japanese vegan food!

Via Lazzaro Spallanzani 16, Milano