‘Wellberries’ Holistic Health Coach Recommends: Antioxidant–Packed Christmas for All with These 3 Spice-Packed Recipes

"When we’re adding lovely Christmas and other spices to our food and treats, we’re actually making them a lot healthier, too, as we’re adding and enhancing the taste."

By Tuulia Järvinen (Wellberries)

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Family-friendly Recipes for Parent Folk and Little Ones: Nutrition Hacks of 'Wellberries' Blogger Tuulia

The Wellberries blog looks sweet like a candy store, complete with a myriad of pretty pictures of mermaid smoothies and nice creams. We asked Tuulia Järvinen, holistic health coach behind Wellberries, about the secrets of her family's well-being and radiance. 

By Meri Frig

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