#WeAreTesting MOSHI Natural Beauty

Step into the New Year by replacing your old beauty favourites with new more environmentally friendly ones — January is the right time to reconsider our values, recreate ourselves and prepare for a new beginning, leave behind our mistakes, and make vital, lasting changes in our lifestyles to act for a better world, I believe. 

Estonian organic beauty brand Moshi is delivering its herbal spell to the customer longing for trustworthy and effective, yet natural products. Their range of natural goodies, with a loyal Made in Estonia trademark, include all-natural, paraben-free shampoos, facial oils, body creams, scrubs and blends, and they have taken it as far as bringing their take on soy candles to the market, as part of well-being and personal care range. We were immediately allured by their fun, boosting product labels, such as ‘Naughty Girl’  (appropriate name for a body scrub) or ‘Love What You Do’.  These elegant bottles with witty black-and-white labels are loyal showstoppers in every bathroom. If nothing else motivates you to start your day on a positive note, these funny Moshi captions surely do even in the gloomiest winter mornings… 

Hanna-Amanda tested… 

1. ’Naughty Girl’ Raspberry-Blackcurrant Body Scrub

'Naughty Girl' Raspberry-Blackcurrant Body Scrub by Moshi

'Naughty Girl' Raspberry-Blackcurrant Body Scrub by Moshi

When it comes to skincare products, I often want something pampering and luxurious, yet natural and refreshing. Well, there’s no need to compromise — you can be sure this Moshi body scrub has got you covered. I dipped into a steamy bath over Xmas to try its natural spell out. This luxurious body scrub immediately awakens your senses to an oasis of mmm… an extravagantly sweet infusion of summer berries. Letting your body soak after applying the scrub, you realise it’s the heavenly combo blended with olive, raspberry and blackcurrant oils. I don’t know about you, but my skin is receptive to dryness in winter, so I feel it is vital to keep that extra moist securely locked in.

The pampering scrub used before shower oils proved to be an effective way to slough away dead skin cells and get a smooth, radiant texture back instead of my fatigued and dry winter skin. After pampering myself with this lavish moisturising body scrub, I encountered visible results: skin happened to be soft, radiant and well moisturised, revealing a renewed radiance. The sweet magical smell on your skin lasts for days after use… even so, a few people had to discreetly inquire about the source referred to as mystical ‘sweet scent on your skin’.  Are you up for a deep down skin cleanse twice a week?  If yes, you might find out soon you have indeed been a degree naughtier… 

2. ‘Love What You Do’ Pumpking Sea Buckthorn Organic Shampoo

Give your lifeless bangs a real powerful revamp by massaging this soothing paraben-free shampoo on your damp hair and scalp. To begin with, I was happy to discover the texture of this shampoo is quite liquid-y and lightweight, as a sharp contrast to many other more complex haircare products I own. ’Love What You Do’ SLS and paraben free shampoo made with citrus essential oils and aloe vera gently cleanses while rejuvenating dull and dry hair, while pumpkin and sea buckthorn take effect to replenish and restore dry hair, helping to recreate texture and pave the way for shinier bangs at the same time. Even though pumpkins and anything alike have never been my favourite thing, the fragrance is mild and delicate enough not to notice, leaving a rather refreshing feel. My hair showed an improved shine and texture, so I will definitely continue using it as an everyday treat to my dry and misbehaved hair. So long unpleasant morning showers. 

Johanna tried & tested…

3. ‘Good Ideas’  Face Oil with Pumpkin and Sea Buckthorn

‘Good Ideas’  Face Oil with Pumpkin and Sea Buckthorn by Moshi

‘Good Ideas’  Face Oil with Pumpkin and Sea Buckthorn by Moshi

I must be honest – at first I was a bit weary of the idea of a face oil. I have used oils for my hair before, but never for my face. We always want to get rid of oily skin, so it did not make sense to add more oil to it. I am happy to admit, however, that I was mistaken. Moshi’s 'Good Ideas' face oil is 100% natural and you can definitely feel that. Instead of making my face oily, the product quickly absorbed into my skin, resulting in a soft-as-a-baby’s-skin feel. It gave me a healthy glow. During this week of testing I discovered that it’s a great product to use before applying make-up as it nourishes the skin and creates a good base to apply make-up on. The tiny 50ml bottle will last you ages, even if used daily, and it’s comes in a lovely travel sized packaging, so you can always have it with you. 

4. All That Jazz Soy Wax Tealights with Teakwood Scent

Candles are candles, I feel. They don’t have a strong smell, which is good, if you’re into that mellow scent. I have no complaints. A big plus, I guess, is that if you want to be all-natural, then soy wax candles are the way to go, and Moshi does have a variety to choose from. I will certainly check out their other scents as well, this one just wasn’t one for me. 

I love the no-bullshit attitude of the packaging and the ingredients. You know what you are getting and don’t get distracted by yet another pretty bottle, which might not boast great components. It’s the simplicity of Moshi’s products that makes them so unique and elegant. The fun slogans on their packaging are especially memorable, making something simple boldly stand out on your beauty counter. 


#WeAreTesting Antonin B Paris Bio-Organic Haircare

If there’s one rule of thumb in my world, it goes along the lines, ‘my hair is the most misbehaved, disobedient bodily feature I own, living somewhere on a distant planet called I Do Only What I Want, Regardless What You Want. You wouldn’t want this mantra to be internalised by your children or life partner, and you’d also kinda want your hair to oblige — well, at least the rules of gravity. Sounds already like a lost case, doesn’t it? 

However, whenever there’s a situation without a solution, I would desperately want to fight the odds and make the impossible seem possible. To make the misbehaved voluntarily cooperate in the same rhythm with other bodily features and creatures I am forced to live with all my life, unfortunately hair (that doesn't want to behave) is one of them. Recently, I’ve started growing a fond interest in ethical and organic products in every aspect of life, so it followed quite naturally I also started looking into removing the chemicals found in my haircare products and treatments. All as natural and chemical-free as possible, s’il voussss plait. I screamed and yelled at the imaginary attendants on my imaginary flight from Messy Hair to Hair Heaven. The greatest Hair Emergency always seems to take place when you least expect it — on travels to the most distant lands, deserts and plateaus, whereas it is guaranteed your most beloved creams and serums are sold miles away, or when worse comes to worst, not at all. 

This time, I took these 2 miracle hair products by Antonin B. along with me to my latest travel adventure to a rather sticky and humid country, Tunisia, North Africa, to be precise, hence I needed my hair to be held well — neatly and nicely — in place, and not to let me down even once in this hectic 24-hour cycle. Firstly, the eco-certified hair oil Ceramides Enriched Desert Serum, boasting the ability to restore long-lasting hydration, helps to fight hair dryness, and bio-organic Intense Honey Butter with honey extract makes sure your hair starts behaving even under the most tricky weather conditions, without even attempting to lose its silkiness and smoothness. 

Antonin B: Ceramides Enriched Desert Serum.

I applied this Antonin B. bio-organic hair serum overnight every day by massaging a fair share of three to four moisturising elixir droplets into my hair, without rinsing it afterwards. I felt like the overnight treatment proved to be effective, as my hair was getting repaired during the hours I was enjoying my much needed beauty sleep. The delicate aroma of — well, just pure natural oil — is indistinct enough not to come across overwhelming or even cause headaches, which I personally always appreciate about personal care and beauty products. 

In the morning, after treating my hair to a light rinse, I truly saw the repairing effects of the serum: the oil had transformed my misbehaved bangs into a resilient, obedient citizen, always willing to walk the line and follow the rules of authority. As per instruction for a longer lasting result, I applied two to three drops on damp hair followed by a blow-dry. You could even flat iron straight afterwards, and make sure to add one to two drops for extra shine. Blow drying the hair after applying the serum helps the results show effect much faster and also guarantees your hair stays intact for longer. And well before starting the strenuous hikes and wonderful strolls around the ancient city’s Medina area, I also needed a strong, secure fix to fight any unexpected breeze along the way. 

Antonin B: Intense Honey Butter.

Here another product by Antonin B. came to help, appearing as miraculously as a life-saving Ghostbuster, the bio balm with natural honey extract guarantees not even a single misbehaved piece of hair stays floating unkemptly in air. As a result, your curls are fixated neatly, making the hair look healthier than ever before, and even adding additional density and glow to the ends. The texture is so light and the product dissolves naturally on its own, so you do not even need to wash your hands after applying the balm! (however, for hygiene reasons I would still recommend to do so). I was 6 hours on road and my hair stayed intact for the entire day of discovering the marvels of ancient Tunis city and even remained entirely photo proof: yes, sometimes it is all we, women, need… merci, Antonin B., for not taking our recurring hair troubles and concern about ethical matters entirely lightly. 

If you have any doubts regarding choosing the right gift for all the haircare freaks, or those obsessed all over with chemical-free products, Antonin B. is here to help you out with a fresh, Christmassy take on vegan haircare, with the limited edition offer also featured in our Conscious Gift Guide 2016.

Still not entirely convinced? Find the range of products and story here.

#WeAreTesting: Supermood Natural Holistic Beauty

With the secret organic ingredients, such as Chaga mushroom, deriving from faraway Finnish forests, Supermood have chosen to implement a holistic, sensory approach to their facial products. Personally, I’m always more curious to test products that offer a soothing experience for all the senses, and these products are here to prove organic beauty doesn’t need to be less fabulous than your other luxury beauty counter friends. During the course of 10 days, in this competitive rabbit-and-tortoise style race for better, improved skin, I religiously applied these Supermood Holistic Beauty products every day, or some, like the Youth Glo luxury peel, 2-3 times a week, as per instruction.

As a foreword, I haven’t been gifted with exactly the best skin type — sensitivity and occasional allergies and redness are common guests unwantedly ghosting on my delicate facial area, especially before the approaching winter season. For years on end, before I could even think of any decorative cosmetics products I’d like to possess, my best friends were only the strongest apothecary products, promising their best to fight against allergies, rashes and unwanted blemishes. Not so long ago, I turned my beauty counter, then consisting of all kinds of fabulous chemical-induced products, into a cruelty-free, green beauty haven, and I’ve only encountered beneficial effects and lasting results after adapting to that change. 

SUPERMOOD Natural Holistic Beauty, 2016. 

SUPERMOOD Natural Holistic Beauty, 2016. 

Here is what I encountered on my 10-day journey of testing these six wonderful Supermood products.

1. Beauty Sleep Sweet Pillow Scent - Calming Herbal Scent for Sweet Dreams

Each night, just before prepping for bedtime, I sprayed 3 drops gently on my linen pillowcase and let the mist absorb for a few minutes. Although in the beginning, the aroma, reminding me of a mixture of lavender and moss handpicked from Nordic forests, might be slightly off-putting because of it’s strength, it quickly fades away and transforms itself into a milder, more delicate version of itself, awakening your senses to an aromatic experience featuring a herbal bonanza. All these nights, as if by magic, I fell asleep instantly and woke up all freshened and bright, so it surely is more effective than all sleeping pills combined, with a mind-at-ease blissful sleep guaranteed. 

2. Beauty Sleep Absolute Bliss Serum - Youth Restoring Sea Fennel Serum

More often than not, it’s hard to find a serum that has that ideal, balanced texture — not too thick, not too liquid-y. The scent, boasting mild notes of sea fennel, also comes across surprisingly calming, not irritating. The serum is meant for overnight rejuvenation, aiming to deliver youth restoring qualities. By morning, the face is well moisturised, wrapped into a healthy glow and prepared to absorb all other products just perfectly. 10 points out of 10 go to mild, calming scent and light texture, exactly the basic comforting necessities you want to take into bed with you, all extra additives have been left out. 

3. Beauty Sleep Youth Restoring Eye Serum with Sea Fennel Stem Cells

This overnight product ideally pairs with the Beauty Sleep Absolute Bliss serum. Yet it differentiates from the original facial serum by featuring a slightly thicker, creamy texture, which suits well the delicate skin surrounding the eye area. To avoid any irritation, I applied it very carefully with small drops in a circular mode. Waking up, the blue circles around the eyes, which usually derive from excessive hours spent staring at the computer screen and are difficult to get rid of just overnight, had faded away, and it truly seemed to fight redness. In addition, it soothes and softens the eye area, helping to get rid of fatigued skin cells.

4. Youth Glo Luxury Peel with Natural AHA-Acids and Fruit Extracts

I would like to highlight the first thing I appreciate is that the scent is again very mild and delicate, completely contrasting to what you would usually get with, although super-effective, yet chemical peel products. It is recommended to hold the product only for 60 seconds during the first times of use. You don't feel any effects during the peel, other than slight chemical reaction on the surface of the skin. Then the face, slightly irritated from the effects of bioactive ingredients, turns completely burnt red. For preserving your own sane mind, I sincerely recommend avoiding mirrors at that stage. After 30 minutes or so, the redness should gradually diminish, although some patches of redness and irritation may remain, hence this serves as the perfect pyjama-party, pre-sleep peel. I really wouldn't recommend using it on other occasions than before bedtime, when your skin can afford to have its ‘downtime', get restored and repair the healthy glow by the morning hours. After waking up, the skin tone is true-match-all-the-way even, and there are no irritations at sight. What a bliss!

5. Egoboost One Minute Facelift Serum

This product surely stole the show! The first time applying it can succumb your skin to a chain of chemical reactions, whereas the delicate Chaga mushroom scent only complements the product’s promising effectiveness. After at least a minute of absorption time, the product lifts the cheekbones a millimetre higher each time and offers bold definition of the facial contours. I've never encountered my cheekbones to be so clearly defined and toned, than after applying this wunderserum! In the first place, I didn’t quite seem to comprehend what the fun aspect of Supermood is about. The answer lies in this Facelift serum! You have to try this, it's so effective. Fun found in elevated cheeks in a minute. 

6. Youth Glo Radiance Serum - Luminous Serum with AHA-Acids and Firming Moth Bean

Before the ten days, I would be the person blocking all their pores with layers and layers of heavily applied foundation. After familiarising myself with this Glo Radiance Serum, gone are the days! It has become the best part of my morning routine consisting of transforming myself from a Quasimodo-like,  — one eye blue, another red, craving-caffeine-like-there’s-no-tomorrow —, to a Lets-Start-This-Motivating-Day-With-Glowing-Skin Queen. I hardly wear thick layers of makeup on my face anymore. It seems somewhat irrelevant, when skin can boast an even, irritation-free surface without. If this effective, calming product is not the best thing happened to mankind, it's at least the best thing ever happened to my face. 

During these test days I learned that beauty really does begin from clean skin, which has been taken care of inside out, in a 360-degree way. Your dearest beauty products should not only look good, but offer pampering care for all senses. If you happen to be the person, like myself, who is extremely fuzzy about textures and scents, then this might just be the right everyday beauty range for you. And who could resist these wonderful, yet whimsical glass bottles and pastel packaging? It’s good to know honest products can actually honestly deliver. I found all that’s missing is a little bit more time for our phone-switched-off-it’s-me-time elevating beauty routine… 

After all, outer radiance can only flourish, when inner harmony is in place.