13 Reasons Why Showering with Cold Water is Actually Good for You

Water is a source of life that plays an important role for our organism both externally and internally. By drinking water, our body receives the necessary fluid for the various functions; also our skin becomes beautiful and radiant. The advantages of cold water, however, go further than that. Also, the external contact with this vital element has great benefits for our health.

Guest post by Lori Longoria

Source: Royalty Free. 

Source: Royalty Free. 

The daily shower is very important for hygiene, as well as for health. Most prefer a lukewarm or hot shower, as this is more relaxing. But much healthier is a cold shower, both for the skin and for various body functions. Below we list the various advantages of a cold shower.

1. Skin and Hair Health

Hot water dries the skin and hair. While cold water makes shining hair and healthier skin. Such a healing effect consists in the fact that under the action of cold water pores and cuticles are compressed, which prevents pollution and the formation of small inflammations. This prevents the accumulation of dirt on the skin and in the hair, keeping them fresh and young-looking all the time.

2. Cold Shower Increases Testosterone and so Hair Growth

One of the causes of hair loss can be low or high testosterone levels in the body of a man. Testosterone and skin testosterone stimulate sebum production, as well as hair growth. Low concentrations of testosterone stimulate hair growth in the armpit and pubic hair area, while higher testosterone levels promote hair growth in the face (beard) and breast area. The growth of the head hair is also androgen-dependent, whereby the DHT formed from testosterone plays an important role. A cold shower can increase the production of testosterone in men. Exemption of testosterone is important for increasing muscle mass. Cold water also helps to increase male libido and overall strength and energy.

3. Firm Skin

Source: Royalty Free. 

Source: Royalty Free. 

The shower with cold water promotes a firm, elastic skin. Especially for people with circulatory disorders, cold water is a very effective therapy that not only improves blood circulation, but also helps to spread more oxygen and nutrients throughout the organism.

4. Hair without Dandruff

Cold water is much healthier for the hair than warm. Hot water leads to dry hair that is less shiny and has a more unhealthy aspect. Cold water also helps excellent against dandruff and hair loss.

5. Cold Water Prevents Breakage and Makes Hair Smoother

Experts say that washing with cold water has its advantages for hair. The top layer of hair becomes smoother, and they look shinier. Cold water reduces the loss of moisture and prevents breakage, and this is a vital value for healthy and beautiful hair.

6. Cold Showers Help to Avoid Appearance of Acne

Taking a shower in cool water avoids the appearance of acne. If hot water cleanses the skin, then the cold water narrows the pores, and that's why they don't clog.

7. Strengthening the Immunity

Cold showers are an excellent prevention of influenza and other viral and bacterial diseases. Czech researchers tested the effect of cold water on the immunity of athletes. For two months three times a week, young people were immersed in cold water (14 degrees Celsius). During the experiment, scientists found that two types of immune cells were increased in the blood of athletes. These were lymphocytes and monocytes. While some lymphocytes are a tool for the destruction of viruses, bacteria, and toxins, monocytes are also responsible for the absorption and processing of foreign pathogenic material.

8. Improved Blood Circulation

One of the most effective ways to improve blood circulation is alternating cold and hot water during a shower. When cold water enters the body, the vessels narrow. This phenomenon is called vasoconstriction. In this condition, the lumen of the vessels is reduced, and the blood circulates at a higher rate. Vasodilation is the reverse process (vasodilation) when the body heats up.
Good blood circulation prevents such serious diseases, like hypertension, varicose veins and a variety of other vascular disorders.

9. Thermoregulation

A cold shower is a kind of 'part of stress' that forces your body to develop a dose of internal energy to give heat. In this regard, a cold shower can help people who have chronically cold extremities or severe sweating.

10. Weight Loss, Improved Metabolism

Canadian scientists have found that exposure to cold shower activates so-called brown fat. Fat cells receive this brown colour due to the presence of a large number of mitochondria, where glucose is utilised. Thus, the production of brown fat contributes to the further burning of calories, which leads to the loss of weight.

11. Helps Cope with Depression

Depression, this is another ailment with which a cold shower can help to cope. Studies of scientists from the state of Virginia show that cold water stimulates the 'blue spot' of the brain, which in turn leads to noradrenalin development - a hormone that helps to cope with depression.

13 Reasons Why Showering With Cold Water Is Actually Good for You #Savant

12. Improves Lymphatic Circulation

Unlike blood, which circulates through the work of the heart, lymph is devoid of such a pump. Movement of lymph in our body is due to muscle contraction. Cold shower significantly improves muscle contraction, which later positively affects the lymph circulation.

13. Deep Breathing

If you regularly take a cold shower, you will notice how your breathing has become much deeper. What is the reason for this? The whole point is that vasoconstriction (narrowing of the lumen of blood vessels) and production of heat requires a greater supply of oxygen. The lungs expand, and they need more air than usual to fill them.

If you do not know what it's like to stand under the streams of cold water, then you should not sharply start taking a cold shower. Start by taking air baths. Gradually go to wipe with a wet towel, contrast ways, and then slowly go to a cold shower. If you have cardiovascular disorders, hypertension, severe headaches, then be sure to consult a doctor.

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