Spring is Here: 4 Kind Tips for Flattering Your Figure and Embracing Yourself

Do you have those ‘hoodie days’, ‘high heels days’, or ‘plaid shirt days’ when a particular piece of clothing makes you feel all the power and awesomeness that you embody? However, there are those other days when no matter how hard you try, you feel as if something is missing or that you look all wrong. We’ve all been there. However, we have also come a long way as a society in terms of creating outfits that aren’t suited for the tall, slender girls alone.

Words: Sophia Smith

We have finally broken the decades-old ice and started embracing diversity in its true form. It’s not just that summer is around the corner, but we could always use new ways to master our own look, with a greater focus on loving and celebrating our body shape with all the different styles that are available nowadays. Let’s see how you can achieve just that with a few tried and tested tips for stylish self-love.

1. Comfort as Your Go-To Factor

Haute couture has always had that funky factor, with many of the most cutting-edge designs reflecting the designer’s imagination rather than the needs of those who will end up purchasing the product. Luckily, thanks to revolutionary fashionistas such as Rihanna or Beyoncé, the world has fallen madly in love with things that are fierce, but comfortable.

How does this affect you, the mere mortal of stylish chicas? Well, shelves (both digital and real) are filled with extraordinary tights, leggings, crop tops, tank tops, and sneakers that will instantly fulfill your comfort cravings. Go for a signature hoodie with a pair of actually comfy heels, and you’ll imbue your style with as much comfort as you desire.

2. Summer-Specific Garments

Do you dread summer? Well, this is your chance to discover a whole range of sunny outfits to flatter your figure and to help you boost your confidence – because you deserve it. One of the greatest summer fears for many ladies is the swimming suit. Make it your finest summer moment, not your greatest summer enemy, since there are so many stylish options that will bring out your best features. If you’re a petite gal, wearing a one piece swimsuit especially with a retro pattern can elevate not only your look, but your confidence as well.

Add a pair of shades, and a colorful beach scarf, and you’ll develop your own spotless summer look, sans the lack of confidence. Plus, even if you could rock a bikini, starting with a one-piece can help you feel more self-assured so that you can move your way through all the different pieces you can wear, and do so with pride.

3. Ditch the Unhealthy Comparison Game

Image:    DANNY G    on    Unsplash

Image: DANNY G on Unsplash

This is more of a mindset piece of advice than it concerns your style. We have fostered this foul habit for too long, as we have always compared ourselves to the unrealistic, retouched, and filtered beauty examples from all over the globe. You should not aspire to be in any possible realm. You and your own appearance should be the only relevant factor when you’re looking to improve your sense of style.

You are a unique, beautiful creature, and there’s no need to impose insane standards onto yourself. Can you afford the army of stylists, nutritionists, personal trainers, and other experts these celebs can? Didn’t think so. You are a slice of perfection just the way you are, and even if you’d like to change your lifestyle in order to tweak your appearance, there’s no reason not to enjoy your body while you’re on the road to a healthier physique.

4. All About that Waist

Let’s go back to what you can do here and now to make sure anything you wear fits you perfectly. Most style experts will tell you, and rightfully so, that you should focus on one aspect of your look: your waist. Depending on your body shape, you can do so much by choosing garments that are ideal for your middle.

There are certain classic staples such as A-line skirts and high-waist jeans that help you accentuate and lengthen you figure, while adding accessories such as a wide belt can help create the perfect focal point of your outfit while you also stay comfortable and embellish garments of different cuts.

Remember that developing your style should be a fun, rewarding process, not an excuse to shame yourself for having imperfections. We all have them, including the seemingly perfect magazine-cover gals. Use these tips to restore excitement and imagination into your style-searching process, and always do your best to be your own role-model – because that’s the best way to truly love and embrace yourself.