5 Best Wellness Habits to Restore Your Body and Soul

Let’s make 2019 all about you! Perhaps you’ve always postponed your skincare shift simply because you’ve been too busy with other aspirations you have, or it may have never occurred to you that some stress-detox is in order. It’s the perfect timing for adjusting the old habits and forming some new, healthier ones, preferably those that will help us escape the modern-day hustle every now and then, and restore our innermost Zen self.

Words: Sophia Smith

No matter where you are, there are certain health habits that you can “steal” from the world’s self-care capitals and include them in your own routine, or you can use them as the excuse to pack your bags and make a reservation at some of the following meccas of wellness.

1. Ubud’s Finest Yoga Resorts

5 Best Wellness Habits Ubud Yoga Resort Savant Magazine

At the very mention of Bali, your mind is filled with images of tropical rainforests, shimmering waterfalls, and turquoise waves caressing its sandy shores – and rightfully so. This little slice of Eden is pure perfection, and perhaps the closest we’ll ever be able to experience heaven on Earth. However, as alluring and irresistible its shores may be, its capital city of Ubud is the place to be for their finest detox sessions of world’s most renowned yoga classes.

You can take your pick from a wide array of yoga retreats, all conducted by the most acknowledged yogis from all over the globe. Their proximity to the shore makes it a perfect choice for trying out outdoor yoga and beach yoga, practicing with small, guided groups of all levels. If you’re looking to learn this ancient practice or expand your existing knowledge of it, rest assured that Bali is the ultimate dream-come-true destination for every avid yogi.

2. Hong Kong’s Famous Spas

The entire world admires and slightly envies Asian women for their seemingly ageless radiance and their impeccable skin. The homeland of youth, it’s no wonder that women from the entire world rush to Hong Kong, among other Asian destinations in search for that ideal treatment to revive their pores and provide them with a pampering experience of their life.

While you’re on a prowl for a superb spa salon in Hong Kong, look into a variety of rejuvenating options, such as relaxing massages, beauty facial treatments, or traditional Chinese treatments, like cupping or scraping. Keep in mind that the latter aren’t famous only for their medicinal properties and usage in treating ailments, but they are very widely used in a range of anti-ageing treatments for the skin. Whatever you choose, you’ll be pampered in the spirit of ancient Asian traditions that preserve youth and beauty.

3. Go Holistic in LA

If you find this city an unexpected guest on this list, you’re not alone. However, LA has become one of the world’s top spots for holistic healing practices that focus not on the consequence but on the cause, and they target the entire mind and body to help you relax and heal.

Think: magnetic field therapy, medical facials, acupuncture, Reiki, chakra healing, and so many more. You’ll find that all of LA is now imbued with a greater sense of wellbeing, and a visit to any of LA’s holistic wellness centers can assure you of their expert hand and their mastery.

4. Meditate in the Heart of London

Image:    Form    on    Unsplash

Image: Form on Unsplash

To move back a little closer to home, if you have no time or funds to take a lengthy trip to any of the listed destinations, there’s no need to be disappointed, on the contrary! London hides amidst its bustling streets incredible and beautiful relaxation centres, and the latest trends reveal a greater focus on the one skill we all desperately need: meditation.

From traditional, and still highly sought-after mindful meditation classes, all the way to the more innovative approach of gong baths in London (at least from the point of view of our westernized mind-sets), you can discover unparalleled tranquillity only a few streets away from your own flat.

5. Absolute Serenity in Switzerland

Another European gem known for its natural wealth, Switzerland has always been the perfect escape for anyone looking for fresh air, a slower pace of life, and incredibly stress-free interactions. However, one of their most treasured places is nestled in the Canton of Thurgau, merely a few minutes away from their famous Lake Constance. A truly idyllic setting, indeed.

Kartause Ittingen was once a monastery, now a complex that still reverberates with the same healing properties of the past. The monks are known for their vows of silence, and although visitors needn’t abide by those vows, you can enjoy some time in a secluded silent room and finally learn what it feels like to escape the noise of the modern life.

All of these healing practices from around the globe make for a perfect addition to your everyday life. While you cannot possibly hop over to Bali every time you’re in the mood for some yoga, or escape to Switzerland when you’re in need for some quiet time, you can do your best to treat yourself to an occasional pampering session in 2019. Your mind and body will be forever grateful.