SixChel: Eco-Conscious Capsule Collection Made in USA

SixChel by Dina Chavez, a slow-fashion brand incorporating sustainable materials cut and sewn in the USA, announces the launch of its debut capsule collection with four pieces, designed with utmost modern feminine style and great comfort in mind. The collection launch is being endorsed via Kickstarter pledge. 

SixChel: Eco-Conscious Capsule Collection.

SixChel: Capsule Collection #Savant


Made with a slow fashion approach at a time when consumer interest in sustainable style is at an all-time high, SixChel fills a void for shoppers seeking feminine, figure-flattering silhouettes for summer that are made in the USA, using ethical manufacturing practices, fair worker compensation, eco-conscious fabrics and cruelty-free leather details.

SixChel is dedicated to finding the best options to provide you with the best sustainable apparel made in fair working conditions.

SixChel is aware of the negative connotation the fashion industry has created about women and dedicated to be a positive force women could feel proud to wear and support. SixChel encourages Women's Empowerment and believes that by supporting the diversity amongst women. We will create a positive and acceptable environment for all women who seek comfort in sustainable and stylish clothes.

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The collection launch is endorsed by the team behind Savant Magazine.

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