Vera Bulder: "Change in the Modelling Industry Surely is Happening" #WOMENWHOWORK

In this series, we explore the portrait of Vera Bulder. We discuss the meaning of femininity, the challenges of today’s modelling industry and Vera’s connection with environmentalism.


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Fall Came Fast: You'll Absolutely Adore These 6 Fall 2018 Sustainable Fashion Trends

From upcycled statement pieces made out of used coffee bags to 80s quirky vintage denim, these are the fall ‘18 fashion trends on our radar that you'll want to wear right now. PS! These trends do more good than harm. 

By Johanna Raudsepp / Hanna-Amanda Pant

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British Ethical Fashion Marketplace Mamoq Releases 'The Sustainable Fashion Blueprint 2018'

Recently, the British sustainable fashion marketplace Mamoq teamed up with students from the Cambridge University Judge Business School MBA program to explore the potential of sustainability in minimising the challenges of the fashion industry.

Published in Collaboration with Jennifer Hakim Communications

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