Book Review: 'Wear No Evil' by Greta Eagan

Sustainable fashion has grown significantly as an industry. Now, greater awareness is being placed on the impacts of fast fashion for both people and the environment. Greta Eagan, a New-York based eco-stylist and sustainable living consultant, has produced a tangible guide to navigate this exciting area of fashion in her book Wear No Evil.

By Mariam Sheikh

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Carin Mansfield: "People do want more, more, more. We want excess. We all have too many things."

As I enter In-Ku on Warren Street, London, I am immediately struck by the simplicity of the store. No huge signs screaming '50% OFF' in your face, no massive heaps of the same clothes surrounding you. It has the feeling of home. We sit down, drink some tea, nibble on some cookies and she starts: "So I guess you want to know what slow fashion means to me?"

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