How to Prevent a Nervous Breakdown: 5-Step Guide

Stress is the number one cause of various illnesses, conditions, and negative situations today. It is also the reason why people feel like on the verge of a nervous breakdown or even have one. This may appear like an anxiety attack, depression or panic state, and you will start feeling like losing control over your life.

Words: Alexis Walker

Image:    Billie    on    Unsplash

Image: Billie on Unsplash

However, there are ways to keep the stress in check and help yourself overcome its consequences. Choose what suits you best from the following definitive guide to prevent a nervous breakdown and start living a healthier life right away.

1. Start Exercising What You Like

Exercise may seem like another obligation that will wear you out, but it is actually completely the opposite. Being physically active will keep you in a better mood thanks to all the hormones produced during the workout. The key not to observe it as another tiring thing in your life is by choosing the type of exercise that suits you best.

So, make a list of what kind of physical activity interests you and give it a shot to see how it makes you feel. You can even combine more than one exercise technique, like HIIT in the morning to wake you up and yoga or another relaxing wellness habit in the afternoon to relax after work.

2. Spend Time in Nature

Image:    Tim Swaan    on    Unsplash

Nature’s healing power will help you calm down your thoughts and find a different perspective of the world. There are many ways to enjoy nature but the best way to decrease stress is by being active and free of urban commodities. So, dedicate a weekend to go camping and hike in the national park your area or go kayaking on the local river.

Outdoor sports are also a nice way to connect with nature and clear your mind like running, cycling or swimming. Group sports like beach volleyball or basketball will give you quality time with your friends and family while getting your mind off stressful things at the same time.  

3. Talk about Your Problems

Image:    Greg Raines    on    Unsplash

Although it may seem that we spend the whole day talking to people due to constant messaging, we are actually merely exchanging information most of the time. To truly have a conversation about your worries that will help, you need to meet in person with your loved ones and talk. They may not have a solution every time, but a hug, compassionate touch or their very presence will empower you to overcome stress.  

4. Create a Relaxing Ambience

Image:    Alexandra Gorn    on    Unsplash

The space you live in is your place of comfort and sanctuary so you should make it as nurturing as possible. Hang beach photo prints on the walls since the blue shades of sky and water will have a soothing effect and calm your mind. Declutter your home to remove excess things and free the space to have more room and gain control of your living arrangement. Use natural materials where you can like wood and stone since that will keep you closer to nature. Also, add a couple of indoor plants to your home to purify the air.

5. Ban Digital Devices from the Bedroom

Image:    Paola Galimberti    on    Unsplash

Being on the internet and watching TV before sleep can actually disrupt your sleep pattern and stress you out. So, keep electronic devices out of your bedroom and stop all social media activity at least two hours before you go to sleep. If you don’t want to leave your phone outside the room, then place it out of your reach and turn off the Wi-Fi to prevent notifications from making noise.

In the End

What you will choose from this definitive guide to prevent a nervous breakdown is up to you since all methods are effective ways to battle stress. While you can’t eliminate it completely, you will learn how to live through it and not let it negatively affect your wellbeing.