Fall Came Fast: You'll Absolutely Adore These 6 Fall 2018 Sustainable Fashion Trends

From upcycled statement pieces made out of used coffee bags to 80s quirky vintage denim, these are the fall ‘18 fashion trends on our radar that you'll want to wear right now. PS! These trends do more good than harm. 

Words: Johanna Raudsepp / Hanna-Amanda Pant

Image:  Mayamiko  

Image: Mayamiko 

1. Bold Prints and Plaid

Autumn fashion has taken a note from the popular florals and bright colours this season, bringing bold prints to the forefront (it also means you do not have to bid adieu to your summer's favourite florals just yet; just reinterpret them, hurray). A unique print is all you been longing for to spice up your outfit this season, and is a definite head-turner. The bold print trend is for everyone looking to make a statement with their wardrobe (and who wouldn’t love to add an occasional pop of print to their work outfit).

Image:  Mayamiko

Image: Mayamiko

Plaid is a definite hit on the runways. Whether it be bold and bright, or a more simpler pattern, everyone will be wearing something plaid this season. Mata Traders has got you covered with a fresh selection of ethically made plaid dresses. The fair-trade brand helps to transform communities by giving women economic power and viable working skills. Their whole range is handmade by women in India and Nepal.

We just love a stunning print look for fall. Ethical and eco-conscious Mayamiko has a tasteful range of bold prints to choose from. The fair-trade clothing is made by women artisans in Malawi. We really like the Jo Oversize Blazer with a bright mix of red and blue tones. The colourful blazer can be styled with some dark jeans, or even a little black dress. Some other bold statements from Mayamiko that you'll absolutely adore to see in your fall wardrobe include the Polly Flare Panelled Skirt and Mia Mini Dress

Don’t be afraid to wear patterns on the bottom. The Haven Pant by New York-based label Where Mountains Meet is a definite show-stopper. The bright, yet minimal look can be paired with a crisp white shirt and thick heels.

2. Dig Out Those Vintage, 80s Inspired Looks 

People started thinking about sustainable clothing in the 80s, which is why this season’s 80s inspired looks really hit home. From bright colours and prints to big shoulder padding to even bigger hair, the decade had it all. This was definitely one of the most controversial eras for fashion over the past century.

Image:  Wado Sneakers  

Image: Wado Sneakers 

A big hit already back then were acid wash jeans and denim jackets. E.L.V. Denim offers sustainable jeans designed with proper quirkiness. The label reforms vintage jeans into a perfectly fitting new pair. A good pair of jeans with a unique, quirky touch is certainly an 80s look waiting to make a comeback. If you can’t find a ready-to-wear size for your favourite style, E.L.V Denim also does custom Made To Measure jeans to fit your body perfectly. You'll probably want to pair them with a matching denim jacket for that double-denim ensemble. 

Wado sneakers plants trees for you, taking care of the planet with your each step. Sneakers were very IN in the 80s, with Converse, Vans and many more brands hitting the market. Wado’s sustainable line reflects that era with their vintage-inspired sneakers. Why not opt for a more eco-conscious shoe when running daily errands? PS! Modelo ’89 – Garnet

3. Vegan Footwear

Ethical fashion does not end with eco-conscious clothing choices. Vegan footwear is the new black to watch out for, bringing some very interesting and unique designs to the table.

The Portuguese slow fashion label Marita Moreno focuses on ethical design and transparency in production, aiming to produce sustainable footwear from local natural materials. Marita Moreno draws inspiration from historical elements and uses high quality materials to make the footwear last. The brand offers statement pieces for both women and men. A glimpse of our favourites pairs: the Dali collection and Space1999

Image:  Love Sofie

Image: Love Sofie

Vegan footwear label Mireia Playa hails from Spain. Her latest Fall collection, freshly launched, is another nod to vintage looks. This young designer got inspired by her father, a shoe salesman, to study fashion design and launch her own shoe line. Her label is cruelty free and follows ethical production guidelines. We absolutely adore these must-have camel beige beauties decorated with loud pops of colour. A more subtle eye candy here.

If you are looking for more delicate footwear, then Swedish vegan footwear label Love Sofie is the one for you. The brand uses plant-based leather and even recycled plastic. Their shoes are consciously made and animal-free, using sustainable and breathable materials. Some must-haves from their collection: JEUNE Stiletto, Zorag Printed Sandal and the Coco Loafer. 

4. Menswear Inspired Textiles, Especially in Outerwear

Menswear textiles have been rocking the catwalks for quite some time now, and we just cannot get enough of them for fall. They’re timeless and thus can form a basis for that essential seasonal capsule wardrobe. If you’re thinking of going bespoke this season, subtle luxury communicated through the right choice of fabrics might be your best pick this season.

Tweed boucle fabrics for women are here to stay, stating elegance wherever you go, making it a perfect pick for an everyday workwear uniform or evening attire. You simply cannot go wrong with a monochrome look in soft pastel hues, like Tuscan beige and cotton candy pink, for more casual endeavours, or find yourself slipping into a silver-detailed midnight blue, or a classic houndstooth-check ensemble for those sparkling special moments past happy hour. For men, check out these worsted wool treasures of the British Collection that keep you absolutely on trend this fall.

We cannot deny that the subtle, timeless aesthetic of bespoke speaks volumes of not only that very unique personal style of the wearer, but also highlights their appreciation of quality over quantity. If you prefer to order your made-to-measure frocks online, Dressarte Paris now offers an option to design your next fall wardrobe cut exactly according to your body measurements. Your best capsule-wardrobe-worthy picks are the Charlotte Jacket and Short Cape Jacket

5. Upcycled Fashion

A thought to the environment goes a long way, while staying chic in those chilly temperatures still matters. Most mass-production manufacturers are left with an average of 18% of pre-consumer textile waste that is usually taken to landfill or burned. To avoid that, some makers have put their creativity into coming up with various circular models helping to reduce waste, upcycling being one of them. Upcycling simply means saving up post-production leftovers and creating something reusable out of the unused textiles or natural resources.

Image:  Reet Aus

Image: Reet Aus

In the Scandinavian region, Estonian designer Reet Aus is one of the pioneers of using upcycling in all her designs. It is estimated that each garment from the Reet Aus collection saves 75% water and 88% energy. We absolutely love the 100% upcycled linen kimono dresses - pair it with an effective pair of shoes (and a sustainable pair of stockings!) and you’re ready to shoot out on a date night straight from office.

Alternatively, if you’re more into spicing it up with some upcycled statement pieces this season, Spanish designer Sylvia Calvo takes the movement to the next level by creating pure glamour out of used coffee bags. That’s sustainable thinking on steroids for you. Some seasonal eye candy: Miriam Jacket, Kate Skirt and Balzac coat

For further inspiration, French designer Marine Serre also brought some standout looks to the catwalk, which are again a nod to the 80s with the bright colours and tracksuit vibes. Her garments are upcycled from used garments, paving the way to a very unique and rather futuristic aesthetic she coined as FutureWear

6. Artisanal Approach in Accessories

Valuing craftsmanship and cherishing the know-how of artisanal makers have come to form the core values of many ethical brands, as well as directing the trends of this season’s accessories.

Image:  Above Studio

Equating fashionable aesthetics with a larger environmental benevolence, NYC based Above Studio inspired by the beauty of Thailand creates absolutely adorable handwoven handbags from water hyacinth. The brand’s DNA is encoded in recycling and supporting the local artisanal makers in Thailand. “Water hyacinth is a weed that clogs waterways. This is a way of recycling, as those unwanted plants become accessories and, at the same time, they can help the villagers to make a living,” says the founder. The artisanal woven bags come in different shapes and sizes, so make your pick. Or opt for all sizes if you absolutely cannot choose (and I must admit it is hard!). We love a round woven bag for those meetings at pavement terraces this fall. 

For AW18, Cossac has introduced a line of Spanish jewellery designer Naida C. Castel’s do-good statement pieces into its latest luxe ethical collection ‘Comfort Creatures’ (the jewellery range launches this September). Handsculpted at her studio in Barcelona, all Castel’s jewellery is designed and made with care, paying close attention to the use of quality materials. The maker is also wisely recycling the leftovers after the creation process. As artisanal as it can get. Meanwhile, we love the Kyoto ring and Raw Stone pendant