5 Beauty Treatments of 2018 You Will Love to Learn More About

The beauty industry is characterised by innovation, which will truly come to light in 2018. From natural and organic to aesthetic enhancements, the beauty scene for 2018 is bringing diverse and exciting trends that will help you achieve a natural, youthful and gorgeous look. While some trends from the previous years will continue to enjoy their popularity, some old ones will find their way back to the beauty scene and even several new ones will come to the forefront. Nonetheless, these top 5 will truly leave their mark and you shouldn’t miss them.

Words: Brigitte Evans

1. Nonsurgical Procedures are Under the Spotlight

With the developing technological advancements and innovative techniques and procedures, there’s no reason to go under the knife just yet. Instead, you should embrace state-of-the-art nonsurgical procedures as a way to rejuvenate your skin and achieve the desired body shape. What makes nonsurgical procedures so popular and sought-after is their non-invasive yet effective nature. Not only can you undergo gentle, subtle treatments, but you also have a range of different options that can meet your needs. Body sculpting, fat melting and other techniques that can help you lift, tighten, shape and rejuvenate your body will be a far more popular trend in 2018 than drastic procedures, such as plastic surgery or breast contouring. Even nonsurgical nose jobs are making a comeback as a way to subtly improve imperfections at an affordable price.

2. Eco-Friendly and Healthy are the New Standard

With the expanding eco-consciousness, every industry is trying to embrace and implement greener policies and the beauty industry is one of them. As a field that is not generally known for its eco-friendliness, this step towards healthier and environmentally-friendlier products and packages can truly make a difference. One of the main characteristics of the sustainability of the beauty industry for 2018 is the tendency towards reduced water consumption. Namely, there will be a decrease in water-based products due to the limited supply. Furthermore, relying on organic, homemade products will be another step closer towards an eco-friendlier beauty industry. Natural-based beauty care and treatments are a healthy alternative to regular, chemical-based products and the best thing is that you can find a great number of ingredients in your own kitchen. Finally, in certain countries, such as the UK, “clean” beauty trends will be far more important than the “natural” ones, supporting the wellness movement and accentuating products free from harmful ingredients.  

3. The Perfect Smile is a Must

Since a smile is perhaps the most enchanting and mesmerising part of any look, you can expect to see different dental procedures dominating the beauty scene, especially in the USA and Australia. Since individuals around the globe are simply mesmerised by the perfect smiles of some of the world’s most popular celebrities, innovative dental treatments have become available and more affordable. We’ve all seen authentically gorgeous Australian women who feature beautiful natural looks with enchanting smiles. Thus, certain dental treatments, such as ultra-thin porcelain veneers in Melbourne, have become a simple yet effective solution for removing stains or discolouration from teeth, giving a pearly, natural-looking smile. Furthermore, porcelain veneers can also fix slightly displaced teeth and strengthen them, as well. Another popular treatment in Australia is Invisalign that can strengthen your teeth without the application of metal or wired braces.

4. Cannabis is a Hidden Ingredient

Given its numerous health-beneficial effects, cannabis will be one of the stars among the ingredients in 2018, especially in countries and cities where it’s legalised, such as Los Angeles. Numerous studies have shown that marijuana has positive effects on the human body. For example, this ingredient actually has a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect on the skin. Therefore, a great number of companies, including Cult Beauty or Malin+Goetz, are launching cannabis-based products, even cannabis eau de parfum.

5. Masks are Here to Stay

Not only will different facial masks continue to enjoy their popularity, but the mask market will actually see a significant increase in demand, which will spark its branching out. Face masks will be just a portion of what the market will have to offer in 2018. You’ll be able to choose from a range of body-specific mask products, including those for the hands, arms, breasts and chest. These masks are designed with the aim of providing solutions to specific problems, such as ageing issues. From micro-channelling patches to self-dissolving micro-needle masks, any of your needs for masks will be covered.

The beauty industry always has something new and exciting to offer and this year, beauty trends will truly be innovative and diverse, promising healthy, youthful and natural looks.