Law of Sleep: Sweet Dreams with Elegant Luxury Silk Nightwear

Slip into a luxurious and lovely Law of Sleep nightie, and set off to dreamland knowing you are mastering the art of self-care.

Words: Meri

Kanti Diamond Top only.jpg

Law of Sleep: Kanti Diamond Top

Image: Law of Sleep

How would you describe your design concept?                     

Modern, easy-to-wear designs with a chic minimalist aesthetic and a true focus on quality and longevity are the core elements of our design concept. Our design concept is also about enhancing the quality of our sleep time experience and producing high quality sustainable sleepwear in a factory that is also aware and concerned about the environmental and social impact it has.

What are the most important 'laws of sleep'?

 ·      We sleep better if we eat healthily and exercise; avoiding alcohol, caffeine and too much sugar, especially before bedtime

·      Take a shower before bed, use essential oil infused products to promote relaxation…light a Law of Sleep scented candle (£20.00)

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Law of Sleep: Pear & Freesia Soy Candle

Image: Law of Sleep

·      Switch off all electronics before you get into bed….use a traditional alarm if needed

·      Slip into some Law of Sleep luxury nightwear made from natural breathable silk or cotton fabric

·      Dim the lights, read a good book with paper pages!

·      Sleep well!

 What types of clothes and fabrics are best for a good night sleep?

Feeling good before you sleep and choosing what you wear in bed is important as it does impact on the quality of our sleep. It is nice to wake-up feeling well-rested and not looking so disheveled! Wearing old T-shirts, tight fitting clothes and man made fabrics in bed is a no for us; it is nice to go to bed feeling really elegant. The Law of Sleep uses silk and cotton which are natural fabrics and wonderfully comfortable fabrics to sleep in. Silk is extremely comfortable and helps keep our skin hydrated and smooth. Silk is really great if you live in a dry climate or sleep in air conditioning. It is said that silk is a reactive fabric to the extent that it is cooling in warm temperatures and warm in colder temperatures. Cotton is also very comfortable; it is less hydrating than silk as it absorbs more moisture than silk but at the same time it is a natural, breathable fabric.

It is predicted that sleeping well becomes a huge priority and a huge consumer market in 2018. What is your take on sleeping as a wellness trend?

I think it is a complete shame that sleep has become a wellness trend. Having a good night’s sleep is absolutely necessary to our well being, it helps us think more clearly and is restorative for our body. This trend obviously reflects how a large part of society is suffering from not getting a good night’s sleep; having disrupted sleep patterns by eating junk food, unwinding through unnatural means, such as drinking alcohol to de-stress, being attached to electronic devices which stimulate as opposed to calming our mind, and thriving on little sleep being seen as a badge of honour.

Ensuring that you sleep well is really easy. Being mindful of our lifestyle choices as a whole is important to having a good night’s sleep: eating healthily, engaging in exercise and stop fighting life and learning to embrace life in a positive way and relax. A good start is following our laws of sleep. 

"Being mindful of our lifestyle choices as a whole is important to having a good night’s sleep: eating healthily, engaging in exercise and stop fighting life and learning to embrace life in a positive way and relax."

Kanti Diamond French Knickers .jpg

Law of Sleep: Kanti Diamond French Knickers

Image: Law of Sleep

Who would you daydream sleeping in a Law of sleep nightie?

We have a lovely Kanti Diamond Top with matching French Knickers made from divine Korean Silk. When we designed this set we wanted to create beautiful sleepwear which could be worn on a resort holiday which functioned as something cool to sleep in, but also useful as a cover up on the beach or by a pool. This set would be lovely for anyone, any time, but as I am being asked to make a choice, I think Meghan Markle would love this on her honeymoon.