Mindful Travelling: 4 Sweet Escapes to Help You Reconnect with Your Inner Zen

When it comes to travelling, it is definitely the best way for you to forget about stressful daily routine; to find your own peace of mind, and let it renew your positive energy. The sweet escape can be an enlightening experience, and you can find inspiration around every corner if you just keep an open mind. If you have decided to enrich your adventure-prone mind, why not try slow travelling for once? Choose an exotic location for your mindful journey, or go through this list of destinations to find inspirational places that can help you turn your life upside down. I have picked 4 destinations for you to explore that are ideal for your next mindful, recharging escape.

Words: Nina Simons

1. Galapagos Islands

Because of its location, Galapagos is a terrific place to visit any time of the year. No matter which island you choose, your journey will surely be exciting and filled with wonders. Not only nature is breathtaking, but it is considered to be one of the best places where you can travel in an eco-friendly way. If you haven’t heard this one before, according to the International Ecotourism Society, eco-friendly travel is ‘responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment, sustains the well-beings and involves interpretation and education’. So be smart, think about your surroundings and the steps you can take to make it better. Obviously, Galapagos is perfect for all of you eco-conscious, outdoorsy, adventure types. You can combine relaxing and enjoying your vacation with doing  good for the environment, and that way clear your mind. Nature lovers will be happy to know that Galapagos is home to rare species, like flightless cormorants, Galápagos snakes, and of course the turtles! Santa Cruz is the island where these big guys nest, so don’t miss the chance to observe the beginning of little turtle's’ life, and help if you can. We are certain that this adventure will most definitely change your take on travelling!

2. Himalayas, Nepal

If you have that all-consuming feeling of wanderlust after just looking at photographs of this exotic faraway country, then, your heart has made a choice for you. Located between China and India, the Himalayan kingdom of Nepal is a surreal place that will sweep you off your feet. Its beauty and diversity make it understandable why Nepal is best described with the word surreal. From Nepal it is easy to access the mountains if you are a fan of hiking. You can even opt for the most popular Mt. Everest base camp hike,  where you can see stunning landscapes that vary from subtropical valleys to alpine forests. Adventure seekers, pack your bags and start exploring this country of many wonders!

3. Vietnam

Vietnam is a great place if you are looking for something astoundingly exotic. Its culture and customs are strange (for all of us, strangers), yet wonderful, and you can gain new cultural experiences every day. People are friendly and kind and willing to let you into their world, particularly in smaller towns, away from the hustle and bustle of cities and crowded tourist locations. Just observe and learn.  If you’d like to help local community, you can become a volunteer and teach conversational English to local children, so you can see firsthand what it’s like living in Vietnam. Vietnam is a perfect place where you can enjoy eco-resorts that align with  your environmentally-conscious mindset. And if not, you will be after you get blinded by the Vietnam's natural beauty. You can find some amazing accommodation options via 1000 Trees. Be ready to have a blast!

4. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is synonymous with the whole concept of eco-tourism. The name itself – translated as “Rich Coast” – is a great indication of the extraordinary richness of its natural and cultural wealth. Surrounded by protected jungles teeming with abundant wildlife, this piece of heaven has a specific, staggering beauty. It is well-known for its biodiversity – many rainforests, thermal hot springs, secluded beaches along the Pacific coast, and many volcanoes (four of which are active, but not dangerous as long as you pay attention to the warning signs). You will have the opportunity to try out many different activities, such as rafting, scuba diving, skydiving and many more.

The key to mindful traveling is to stop overthinking it. Going on a journey is important, not only because you have the chance to see other cultures, and learn about tradition and customs. But also because you will gain extraordinary experiences, have a chance to connect with your true self and find your inner Zen. Remember, it is time for you to take a break from work and busy city life, and start one of your next enriching adventures.