Take Notes and Shine On! 6 Biggest Christmas Beauty Trends Are Here

Winter and the holidays are here and we’re loving the whole craze and excitement that’s surrounding us. Glitter and good mood are in the air, and everyone’s eager to take a break from work and turn to partying and relaxing family time to recharge their batteries before we march into the next year. To get you ready for all the fun that’s ahead, we’ve got a nice little list for you right here. Want to know which are the best 6 Christmas beauty trends right now and how you can utilise them? Read on.

Words: Brigitte Evans 

1. A Natural Glow

Rather than overly made up brows, heavy under-eye baking, and extremely matte lips from last year, this year we’re seeing a slow, steady trend of more and more people turning to organic makeup and skincare, and going for a lot more natural looks. Before you pile on six layers of foundation, we recommend something cooler – ultra nourishing, gentle skincare routine. That’s right, the best look to rock this year is your natural beauty. Use the time before Christmas to soothe your skin with something like Sonage’s Natural Glow Pretty Pack, which contains glycolic acid peel pads that will exfoliate your skin, and a mask and a facial oil that will absolutely revitalise you and make you look fresh, glowy, and gorgeous.

2. Bitten Lips

If you’re tired of spending half an hour just to properly line your lips to make them look good, don’t worry. This year it’s all about that sexy, faded, just-been-kissed kind of look. How to get it? First, exfoliate your lips to have a smooth, lush base to work with. The next thing you want to do is apply lip balm, but only on the outer edges of your lips. Then take a good lip stain product (ColourPop’s Ultra Blotted Lip is a good vegan choice), and apply on the middle of your lips with your fingertip. Tap gently to blend it out and you’re done!

3. Sexy, Messy Hair

We want that tousled, just-rolled-out-of-bed look. We want that sassy little smirk as we walk into the room, looking effortlessly chic. Your hair will need volume, and getting some good clip in hair extensions can give you va-va-voom; that sultry sex appeal. If that sounds like too much of an effort, don't hold back with applying some texturising golden (!) hairspray and a touch of volumising dry shampoo at your roots to give you that big lift. We particularly love these hair care products from Captain Blankenship's range. 

4. Soft Rose Shades

For eyeshadow, we want that delicate look, and rosy colors work so beautifully. Alternatively, peachy shades (or alternative) can be used as well, especially if you have a more olive undertone. Just grab a blending brush and swipe the shadow into the crease of your eyelid gently. If you like, you can dab a shimmery gold shade on the middle of the lid for a little more oomph.

5. Delicate Blush

Christmas 2017 Biggest Beauty Trends (5).jpg

Blush is a must this year, and you want just a hint of that delicate, sweet colour to tint the apples of your cheeks and make you look even more radiant when you smile. Kosas Cosmetics has great holiday makeup gift sets which contain two palettes and two lipsticks and you can choose either warm or cool tones, depending on your skin undertone. We recommend a hint of highlight as well, just at the top of your cheekbones, your brow bone, and the tip of your nose. Just look at yourself in the mirror after you’ve applied this and smile. The effect is downright enchanting.

6. Neat and Tidy Minimalism

Messy chic is definitely really in this year, but we also have a contrasting trend of smooth, polished minimalist perfection. Instead of heavier makeup, you can absolutely rely on your own skin and some small, but effective details to look sparkling for festivities. Instead of highlighter, use Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum or Dara’s Oil from Ayla Beauty to have that rich, natural dewiness to your face that lights up with no artificial help. You won’t need more than a tinted moisturiser if your face is already healthy and blemish-free. Slick your hair back into a perfect ponytail, put on some mascara, some lip gloss to give yourself that wet glow, and wear a crisp white dress. Accessorise with golden jewellery and you’ll be looking spot-on. 

Are you liking this trend of more natural, eco-friendly beauty? We sure do, and we hope these ideas inspire some amazing looks this Christmas.