3 Best Eco-Friendly Wool Brands for Creative DIY-Knitting

We love knitwear. For us, Scandinavians, it is not just a passing trend, but also offers necessary warmth in the cold wintertime. The versatility and durability of knitwear is what has made it such a staple in the Nordic wardrobe. As the season for gift-giving and DIY-presents has been gaining momentum lately, we at Savant got busy with finding sustainable options for knitting. Sustainable knitting starts with conscious wool. We highlight 3 eco-friendly wool brands to enliven your wonderful knitting ideas and creativity

Words: Johanna Raudsepp

1. The TOFT Alpaca Shop

TOFT offers organic alpaca wool created for knitting and crocheting. The variety of yarn and ethical approach make their wool a must-have for the eco-conscious DIY knitter. All of the TOFT handknitted yarns are spun in the UK. TOFT makes sure that their partners in Peru are well-treated and that the wool they sell is fair-trade.

2. Álafoss

Icelandic brand Álafoss offers a great selection of yarns for knitting. Icelandic sheep have incredibly soft wool, which makes their yarn perfect for cozy sweaters. Rooted in tradition, the Icelandic sheep are well looked after and cared for, roaming the open pastures in the summertime.

3. Hand Maiden



Why not channel the calming vibes of the ocean with Sea Silk Yarn by Hand Maiden? Their unique silk yarn has been mixed with seaweed fibre, Seacell. This type of yarn is perfect for more delicate knitwear, such as shawls and scarves. Silky smooth and eco-friendly - what’s not to love about it?

Now that you have your sustainable yarn, pair our picks with eco-friendly knitting needles made from bamboo, make sure to reuse and recycle leftover yarn, and you’re good to go!