The 8 Most Important Features When Choosing that Perfect Yoga Mat for You

Yoga practice isn't just about mastering poses or increasing your flexibility, many consider it to be a lifestyle. It’s a state of mind, a release of sorts that allows you to grow both physically and emotionally. The shift in energy that happens when one takes up yoga continues to build as our relationship with yoga also grows. We have listed the 8 most important features to consider when choosing that perfect yoga mat for you. 

By Allyse Siegfried 

XW Fusion Yoga Mat by JadeYoga

XW Fusion Yoga Mat by JadeYoga

In order to get the most out of your practice, it is essential that you have the right equipment that will support your personal needs. More importantly, we want to ensure that what we use in class allows for a seamless connection between our bodies and minds. The spiritual component of yoga is absolutely vital, so ensuring that your equipment doesn’t interfere with that connection is key. 

The team at recently released a research to help consumers find a yoga mat, taking into account several important factors: 

1. Durability and Longevity

A yoga mat’s ability to withstand even the toughest of practices over time.

2. Comfort and Support

Just enough cushioning for your joints can reduce squirming in kneeling postures and provide padding for impact, but not so much that it compromises support.

3. Stability

A firm, dense mat can help you feel stable throughout standing and balancing poses.

I Am Wonderfully Made Yoga Mat by Affirmats /  Source

I Am Wonderfully Made Yoga Mat by Affirmats / Source

4. Portability

 Consider how much travel you will be doing with your mat. A mat’s weight and size will dictate whether or not it is toteable. Since most people walk, bike, and travel to class, an easy-to-carry mat is an important feature.

5. Traction and Stickiness

It’s important for a mat to provide traction both to keep you from slipping and in staying connected to the ground. The last thing you want is for your mat to function as a Slip N’ Slide.

6. Texture

Mats have different surfaces, but most yogis agree that it’s best to have a mat that feels most natural.

7. Environmental Consideration

Cork Yoga Mat by CorkYogis

Cork Yoga Mat by CorkYogis

Buying an eco-friendly yoga mat is important to many practitioners. If this holds true to you, consider purchasing a mat made from all-natural materials.

8. Size

Your yoga mat should cover the length and width of your entire body. Not every yoga mat comes in various widths and sizes, so make sure to check measurements before purchasing.

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