OSOM: The First Zero-Waste, Upcycled Socks

OSOM brand socks from Los Angeles, CA, are the first zero-waste premium upcycled socks made from eco-friendly yarns that are spun from 95% clothing and textile waste. Osom socks are launched for the holiday season on Kickstarter through December 14, 2016.

The line of OSOM outdoor socks are made by collecting clothing and textile waste, grind the clothing and textile down to be re-spun into a completely new type of yarn. There is no water used in this process, no dyes, no chemicals or toxins. We do not treat the fabrics or yarns with dyes or toxins such as Formaldehyde or heavy metals commonly used in clothing manufacturing that are dumped into waterways, rivers and oceans.

OSOM's manifesto:

REDUCE TEXTILE WASTE: Each year Americans throw out nearly 11 million tons of clothing, approximately 70 pounds per American. Not only does this seriously contribute to the growing waste crisis, it is a true waste considering nearly 99% of textiles are recyclable. 

SAVE WATER: A conventional T-shirt will use 700 gallons and 2.5 ounces of pesticides to create one.  We use absolutely no water or pesticides in the upcycling process of creating the yarn and socks.

NO DYES. NO CHEMICALS:  More than 200 billion of wastewater is dumped into local rivers each year, these chemicals can be found in the food we eat.  We use no dyes or chemicals in the process. 

“As the founder of the company, my only wish is to be able to show people you can do things differently by supporting one another and understanding the natural cycles of life. Nature is our biggest master”

- Patricia Ermecheo