Tips on How to Design an Inspirational Office Space

The design of a work space has the power to immensely improve the productivity of those working in it. Particularly for larger companies who have offices full of employees, optimising the working environment can yield incredible returns on investment. We will be exploring a few ideas of how you can get started.

By Team Savant

Image:    yann maignan    on    Unsplash

Image: yann maignan on Unsplash

1. Bright Office for a Bright Future

Almost no-one can operate at their full potential in a dark gloomy environment. That’s why light is one of the most important considerations in a workplace and unless you have plenty of windows in your office, I suggest you consider the following.

Do you have a limited number of windows?

Place desks and working areas around the windows and use the darker corners of the office for printers and filing cabinets.

Do you have little to no natural light?

Make sure you have plenty of lighting in the ceiling and place standing lamps around the room to to add to the atmosphere. 

Pro Tip: if you haven’t got many windows, cover the walls with pictures of landscapes to connect the office with the outside world.

2. Transparent Walls

Transparent walls are an incredible asset for uniting an office. 

An employee can often feel alone and lack motivation to reach their targets. Transparent walls can open up an office space and create the feeling of collectively working towards a common objective. 

Take the S3 office for example. The CEO’s office is completely transparent enabling him to demonstrate that he is working towards the same goal as everyone else in the company. 

Image: S3 Office / Paramount Interiors

Image: S3 Office / Paramount Interiors

3. Creative/Co-Working Areas

Image:    Scott Walsh    on    Unsplash

Image: Scott Walsh on Unsplash

When it comes to ideas, 1 brain + 1 brain = 3 brains. Creating workspaces can help bring minds together and facilitate communication between different departments. 

Bring your team together and surpass those targets!

In summary, optimising a workspace is about putting your team in the right frame of mind to execute. Take care of their sense of well-being and unity and they will take care of the rest.