Get Glowing Again: The Best Overnight Treatments for Every Skin Issue

Sometimes it seems that if we were to follow through every single beauty tip we’ve found appealing, we would have to extend our days to last at least 48 hours. If you’re a minimalist at heart, then you’re already in love with multi-purpose products and those simplified, three-step routines, and expanding your beauty rituals would be less than ideal. So, in the name of all things healthy and minimal, let’s make the most of your beauty sleep and let it work double-time with the help of the right treatment.

Words: Sophia Smith

However, while having a zit-free complexion allows you to experiment among a slew of rich overnight moisturizers and nourishing masks, those who actually suffer from a skin issue need to be careful with their choices. With the following options, you can target each specific skin conundrum, tackle the nemesis, and let your pores shine in all of their beauty first thing in the morning!

1. Wrinkles, Beware

Of course, what you do during the way is equally important in preventing early signs of ageing, from fine lines, to crow’s feet around your eyes, all the way to deep-set wrinkles. Your diet, the environmental pollution, and sun exposure all count as relevant factors in protecting the youthful glow of your complexion, while your overnight treatment helps replenish your pores with restorative ingredients.

These skin goodies target collagen production and ward off toxins that drain your pores, so with the right balance of nutritious minerals and vitamins, even just a little can go a long way in waving goodbye to those wrinkles. For example, retinol-rich treatments are perfect for battling wrinkles, as this powerful ingredient is a known anti-ageing agent. Then again, home-made blends, such as that of almond and whole milk, can be a great option for a quick remedy, while even a smooshed banana can do wonders for your lines.

2. Hydrate Your Pores

If a beauty assistant at Allure swears by a mask to work its magic on her skin even after a long flight – then it’s a no-brainer to have it on hand if your skin is parched on a regular basis. The gel-like texture is perfectly lightweight, easy to apply and absorb, and your skin quickly feels the benefits of this overnight wonder. Packed with mineral water and infused with zinc, magnesium, and manganese among other minerals, it will truly quench your skin’s thirst in no time.

Other healthy goodies to look out for include hyaluronic acid, which is exceptionally skin-friendly, as well as shea and other butters to truly pamper your pores.

3. Shun the Acne

Image:    Aiony Haust    on    Unsplash

Unfortunately, adult acne is a real issue even among the most dedicated of ladies who alter their diets and do their absolute best to cleanse their pores on a regular basis. However, you should treat skin blemish caused by acne, as well as the inflammation itself, with specific regimens designed to target the underlying issue as well as the consequences.

In addition to choosing an excellent, sulfur-based wash to truly get rid of the buildup of inflammatory dirt and dead skin cells, you should pick wrap up your efforts with an overnight treatment that will tackle the existing issue and prevent the onset of new acne. For more challenging cases, your doctor may recommend applying it twice per day for best results!

4. Heal the Eczema

Some suffer from mild forms of this pesky issue, which means that you only need to care for an occasional dry spot and a few flaky patches here and there, while others can experience severe flare-ups on a regular basis. It’s not just an aesthetic issue, but a very complex health problem that affects your beauty regime in its entirety. So, the best way to soothe your skin is to indulge in those healing ingredients such as coconut oil, which calms your pores and chases away the redness overnight.

Aloe vera is another great choice, especially if you’ve exposed your skin to the sun for longer than you should, as this nourishing plant is a miracle-worker for irritated skin. Eczema, psoriasis and similar skin troubles prefer simple, organic options, as you know every ingredient you use, which is often not the case for store-bought items.

5. Banish Skin Blemishes

Image:    Kori Nori    on    Unsplash

Corrective creams that you can let sit overnight are a brilliant way to fix any mishap with your tan, a newly-discovered acne-caused dark spot, or any other skin-tone problem. After all, our largest organ sometimes doesn’t react in predictable ways to sun exposure, tanning lotions, or we simply notice uneven dark spots that tarnish your overall appearance. This is where brightening masks step in to save the day, with their vitamin C and other antioxidants that will restore your skin tone.

If you are out of your overnight skin toner loaded with these rich ingredients, then use some fresh lemon juice to apply on those darker areas and let it soak in and beautify your face until the morning.