Mogli: On 'Expedition Happiness' and Launching Her First Conscious Fashion Collection

Expedition Happiness tells the story of a couple that converted a school bus into a loft on wheels, and took it on a road trip from Alaska to Mexico. The couple won the hearts of us minimalists, dreamers, wanderers and scenery junkies. We talk happiness, empathy, and fair fashion with Mogli, the beauty behind the documentary film – and the heavenly voice of its soundtrack.

Words: Meri

Image: Mogli / Isabel Hayn

Image: Mogli / Isabel Hayn

Tell us about your new album Wanderer?

Wanderer was written entirely on the trip from Alaska to Mexico I did in 2016. The vastness of nature inspired me, and at the same time travelling brought out my innermost feelings, making it an epic yet intimate album. 

We felt deeply touched and inspired by the Expedition Happiness film. How do you look back to that journey now?

I look back not nostalgic, but happy. It was a wonderful time and I do miss it sometimes, but I am mostly just really grateful that I got to experience it, while also being super happy with where I am now, home with my loved ones.

What were some of the most touching and inspiring places in that journey?

Mexico. Its people, food and culture touched my soul. It is the most amazing place! Nature wise, I was really overwhelmed by Alaska, Banff National Park and Death Valley.

In your expedition happiness, did you learn some life lessons about happiness?

I learned that happiness is not the same thing as joy or fun. It sometimes means letting go or overcoming unhappiness. And it is something really personal. I am most happy when I am in nature with my boyfriend and my dogs, or when I’m making music.

"I think sometimes we should combine forces rather than all start our own thing, so we don’t end up having millions of fair fashion labels to choose from." 

Image: Mogli / Isabel Hayn

Image: Mogli / Isabel Hayn

What are the values and life philosophies that guide your lifestyle?

It’s hard to put into words, as values are something really intuitive for me. But a huge part of it is empathy. I think if more people would just be more empathic to the people, animals and nature around them, our world would be a much better place. For me, that also means letting everyone live their according to their own values. Being an inspiration instead of telling people what to do. Promote fair fashion in public, instead of pointing a finger at those who don’t. Cooking a delicious vegan meal for my meat-eating friends instead of bombarding them with facts all day. Everyone changes at their own pace. Also, there is so much that I could be better in myself. Finger pointing doesn’t benefit anyone. Encouragement does. 

How was it like to produce the soundtrack for the film, to match your music with the pictures and moods in the film?

It was the most awesome thing I ever did! As a musician, I am so grateful to be able to show my fans visually what inspired me to make my album. And as a film maker, it is so great to have the songs to underline the story emotionally. It was a natural process that made a lot of sense and even more fun.

You are launching a collection together with MADEKIND. Can you tell us about that?

I only wear fair and sustainable fashion since a couple of years. When I started out there were not a lot of brands, but they pop up everywhere now. While that is great, I think sometimes we should combine forces rather than all start our own thing, so we don’t end up having millions of fair fashion labels to choose from. Sustainability is about slow fashion, too. I still longed to design my own collection, because I haven’t found what we created anywhere though. So I’m super excited for this collection with an awesome brand.

Fair fashion is important to you. How would you describe your own style?

Our collection will definitely represent my own style. I love natural fabrics, such as linen and hemp, and basically all of my wardrobe is grey, vanilla and black. It will have laid back, but elegant basics, like an oversized dress, and special pieces, like linen dungarees in a stunning rosé colour, and a hemp cardigan with ethnic prints.

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