Getting Your Skin Ready For Winter Weather: Details Are Crucial from Genucel

Many people love winter. The crisp air, blue skies and white wonderland on slopes (if we’re lucky enough) make this season a true pleasure for those who love the outdoors. While winter is an ideal time to savor the world outside, it can also present serious skin challenges. Winter weather conditions may lead to all sorts of skin problems. This season’s weather may scrape across delicate skin and created unwanted blotches. Wind and ice can hit exposed skin and make it feel painful. Today's informed consumer needs to think about how best to protect their skin as the seasons change. Just as skin needs to be protected from summer sun, the same is true of the colder weather. When the direct sun gives way to cloudier skies, sun can still penetrate the cloud cover and cause problems. The same is true of other kinds of winter weather conditions, including hail, gusts of wind and even conditions at night. Here’s how to take care of your skin during the precious colder days, and still enjoy the outdoors and season’s magic despite the weather.

By Team Savant

Image:    Aiony Haust    on    Unsplash

Sunscreen is Still Important

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Sunscreen is one the foundations of any summer skin care routine. The heat can bear down on the skin and create concerns that need treatment, such as wrinkles, and may even lead to the growth of pre-cancerous cells. Many people slather sunscreen all over their skin before they leave their homes during the summer. When winter approaches, it's still time to keep the sunscreen on hand. Yet the effects of winter sun should not be underestimated. While the sun isn't as intense during winter, it's still there. Taking a long walk to explore the outdoors and winter landscapes means spending a lot of time in some form of direct sunlight. Sunscreen should be put on the face and any areas exposed to the sun at this time of the year. Place on your face, hands and other areas such as the back of the neck. This will make sure your skin stays in good condition as you stay outside.

Eye Protection

One area that may be overlooked are the eyes. Proper eye care is part of proper skin care. The area around the eyes needs special care during the colder season. A good pair of sunglasses are ideal. They deflect hard sun and make it easier to see better. Another aspect of eye skin care are the use of products specially formulated to help. Products from companies, such as Genucel, can help protect the eyes from potential damage. Genucel has natural ingredients that have been shown to provide the help that people need to keep the skin around their eyes in great shape no matter the weather. They have the ability to keep the skin feeling good and avoiding the growth of fine lines that make women feel older before their time. Healthy skin makes people feel great whether they're at the office or outside at a café with friends.

Proper Clothing

Another aspect of proper skin care during the fall and winter season is making sure to have the right clothing. Comfortable clothing makes it easy to move. Look for items that can be removed as needed when it gets hot and then put on when it gets colder. Clothing also protects many areas of the body. A grouping of hats is a must as they will protect the scalp and the forehead. Varied types of sweaters keep in warmth and protect the torso and arms. Turtleneck sweaters protect the neck and add warmth on the coldest of winter days. The same is true of thick cardigans in fabrics, organic like cotton and cashmere. A good wardrobe allows people to face winter with great confidence. Like well-chosen skin care products, they make it easy to embrace the festive season.