Winter Beauty: Give Your Skin a Refresher with These Great Tips

If you want to bring your skin to life during those harsh winter months, listen up! These six tips are sure to help you maintain plump and glowing skin all winter long.

By Team Savant

1. Change Up Your Moisturizers 

Not all moisturizers are created equal, especially when it comes to keeping skin hydrated during the colder seasons. It's crucial that you find something that ups the content without causing breakouts. Start by looking at your own skin type. You don't want to overpower your skin with too much moisturizer and a heavier or stronger type might not be what you need. Likewise, if your skin gets dry anyway, a booster is definitely needed as the temperature drops. 

2. Add Some Heat 

Image:    Holger Link    on    Unsplash

Image: Holger Link on Unsplash

Opening your pores can help prevent a lot of cold weather-related breakouts. Use a warm towel against the skin (test it to make sure the temperature is just right). To start with, place the towel directly on the face, adjust the cloth to work with other parts of the body. If you want an all over steam, trying sitting in a shower and let the steam envelope your entire body. Much like the facial treatment, be sure not to let any of that super hot water touch your skin during the session. 

3. Bring Those Blotting Papers 

Blotting papers are a must-have tool in every makeup case. During winter months, those papers make sure moisture is balanced, especially as you turn up the volume on hydration levels. Keep in mind, especially when in heated rooms, these papers should be used sparingly to prevent excess dryness. 

4. Treat Yourself to a Spa Day (or Two) 

Spa days should be a part of every season and winter is no exception. Take some time for hydrating facial that restores the glow of skin. If you’re not up for a faraway spa treat for an entire day, then opt for natural clay masks, as well as other natural facial treatments available to turn your home into a personalised spa experience for a day. 

5. Reveal a New Layer 

It should go without saying, but exfoliate. Your skin relies on exfoliation to give it a clean, healthy appearance that freshens up an entire look. With so many tools on the market, it's easy to find one that updates your skin after just one use, and makes it glow. 

6. Choose the Best Products 

Image:    Icons8 team    on    Unsplash

Quality products make all the difference when you're looking for the freshest winter skin. Some are tailored to all over skin coverage, while others focus on specific body parts or areas. For example, check out the skin around your eyes. Genucel is one of the best products to be released in a long time. This choice in skincare combines relief for droopy eyelids, and puffiness for an effect that makes care easy. Much of the product's success can attributed to great ingredients like peptides that target those difficult to treat areas. The Genucel brand is definitely worth a look as you prepare for winter skin care.