Self-Care Tips: How To Treat Yourself Like A Goddess You Are

Running from one errand to another, from work to social obligations, it’s easy to forget about yourself. Sometimes you feel the urge to quit everything for just one day, to spend an afternoon in the spa, enjoy massages because you’re tired and tense, to just relax... but of course, it’s not an option; your to-do list is ever growing. But you don’t have to stop dreaming about treating yourself in a better way than you already are. Sometimes you just need to incorporate simple little things in your daily routine that will help you relax, breathe and get through the day like the goddess you are.

Words: Jasmine Anderson

Image:    Lydz Leow    on    Unsplash

Nurture Positive Feelings for Yourself

This may sound like some new-age talk, but it’s actually not – it’s very down to earth and important to have in mind. We all tend to talk to ourselves quite a lot, every time we’re alone with our thoughts, doing mindless tasks or just doing our daily routines in front of the mirror. So you won’t even notice how quick you are to think “oh look at this awful zit” or “why can’t I ever think of the right thing to say”, but these thoughts are detrimental for your self-confidence. How do you turn it around? Have positive feelings, and make an effort to express them. Find what’s beautiful on your face. Acknowledge how great you are at cooking every time you eat a delicious meal you made. Pat yourself on the back for being a good friend. These things will help you develop a true love for yourself and what you are capable of doing.

Take Good Care of Your Body

Image:    Jared Rice    on    Unsplash

Sounding new-age again, your body is your temple. You need to take care of it so it can serve you a long, happy and healthy life. Be mindful not only about what you’re feeding it, but also what you’re putting on it. Look for natural ingredients that are suitable for your skin type: dedicate 10 minutes every day to slather lotion all over your body after shower, gently massaging it. Don’t deprive your body of things it needs to function properly. Shower it with fruits and vegetables and up your water intake. Sleep well, and invest in quality bed sheets that will make you feel like a queen every time you step into your bed.

But Never Forget the Mind

Self-care is more than caring for your emotional state and the condition of your skin. It’s also learning as much as possible about things that interest you and exercising your neural pathways! If you’re done with school, grab some puzzles or enrol in an online course on a topic you’d like to know more about. If you never went to college and miss the prospect of learning things useful for your professional future, consider enrolling in a beauty college in Sydney, L.A., Barcelona, or any other city that will inspire you!

Create Darling Little Rituals You’ll Look Forward to

Image:    Gian Cescon    on    Unsplash

A lot of time we’re just on autopilot. Do you even remember washing your face this morning? Probably not, because you do it without thinking, and your mind is who knows where. Why not use that time to actually spend quality time with yourself? Create rituals for yourself that you will enjoy. This can be turning on some uplifting music and burning a nice candle when you get up in the morning, to get you moving. Or stowing away shoes and clothes after a long day, followed by a glass of wine and a good book. Not only will it pamper you, but the sense of joy beforehand will make your face glow!

Indulge in Pleasure Without Guilt

You’re mature enough to reject the notion of guilty pleasure. If it’s pleasure, there’s no room for guilt! Whatever makes you happy, as long as it doesn’t hurt anybody else, should be enjoyed without guilt and as often as possible. If it’s chocolate, have a small bar every day. If it’s a stupid TV show, relax and enjoy. Indulging in a pleasure can and will make you a happier you. Don’t succumb to the society who says you should be ashamed of what you love; satisfy your desires, because happiness is what makes life worth living.

Be Alone

Even if you do spend some time alone, you rarely are really alone. You’re probably either watching TV, or have it turned on in the background, or looking at your laptop and being at everyone’s disposal on Messenger. But to nurture the goddess inside you, step back and be alone for 10 minutes. Leave your devices in another room, and just sit in silence with yourself. Breathe. Relax. You deserve it.

You don’t have to exactly splurge to listen to your wishes and treat yourself as you would someone you love dearly. With these small everyday habits, you’ll show yourself love you deserve and unleash the goddess you are.