What Are the 4 Stunning Secrets of Aussie Fashion and Beauty? Find Out!

Australian women have definitely managed to both establish and preserve a highly unique sense of style, as well as some highly interesting and perhaps slightly peculiar beauty routines. It seems that they have managed to ‘persevere’ and not give in to uniformity despite globalisation, worldwide fast fashion retailers and trends they bring

Words: Claire Hastings

Perhaps it’s the unique climate or the geographical isolation of the Australian continent that is to be accredited for this ‘preservation’. Whatever the case, one thing is certain, you can say ‘that is so Australian’ with the same ease you would say ‘that is so Parisian, so let’s see what it is precisely that makes the unique markings of an Aussie woman.  

1. Athleisure: They Did It First

Just when you think the athleisure trend has reached its peak, it continues to push boundaries of popularity and keeps on gaining momentum. However, one thing should definitely be made clear – even though it didn’t have a label, the trend has been alive and well in Australia years before it reached other parts of the Western world. This probably has to do a lot with the fact that Australians have always had a collective connectedness with nature and an innate sense of outdoorsy-ness. Way before taking up sports and being mindful of one’s fitness and health has become a craze in the U.S., Australian women and people in general were avid hikers who simply take their sportswear to lunch or coffee after a great day in the great outdoors. Sneakers and leggings outside of the gym might be a new and thriving concept in the rest of the world, but for the average Aussie girl, this has always been a way of life, not a fad.

2. Know Me By My Accessories

Sydney girls may be a tad more bohemian when it comes to style, and Melbourne women do wonders with black and monochromatic looks, but there is one thing that women all over the land Down Under have in common – their love of stylish high-quality sunglasses. The love for sunglasses stems from two factors. First, there is very little you need to add to your outfit when you have killer eyewear, and they know that this is most often the only thing they require to elevate even the most basic of outfits. The other factor is, of course, protection. It’s a well-known fact that Australian women are highly committed to keeping not only their skin, but also their eyes protected from the harmful effects of the sun. When you mix safety and style, you get the ultimate accessory.

3. Wear It, Don't Let It Wear You

If there is one lesson we simply must adopt from Australian women is that we should never allow the clothes to wear us. This is a vibe you will always notice if you pay close attention. Whichever outfit she wears, an Australian woman owns it. Even if it’s the most basic ‘going to the beach’ in cut-off shorts and an oversized T-shirt kind of outfit, the girl wearing it is in full control of her style. This is because they know that clothes are here to serve us, not the other way around. They don’t take fashion trends too seriously nor do they allow themselves to follow them blindly. A regular Sydney girl won’t shy away from heading to dinner straight from the beach in her bohemian caftan. No, because that’s just who she is, and besides, it doesn’t make sense to waste time on changing when you can be joining people and having a good time. That being said, every fashion-savvy Aussie knows how to mix and match the boldest colours and most contrasting prints with the greatest of ease. This is definitely a Sydney girl specialty. Polka dots with stripes, clashing styles, items popular in the previous season reinvented to fit the current fashion climate, and above all – natural and breathable fabrics – these are all the things that make their style as unique as it is. Lesson to learn – put comfort first, play with clothes and wear what feels good. When you feel it, you bring it and it immediately becomes a signature.

4. All That Glow 

By the look of them, you would think Australian women all own a bottle of some secret magical foundation that makes the skin glow so healthily, but they’re just not willing to share the wondrous bottle. You would be in the wrong. There is no secret foundation or a magic highlighter, just religious approach to skincare. Similarly to Japanese women, Australians know that the secret of the ‘glow within’ look actually comes from within. They take excellent care of their skin, and moisturisers, sun blocks toners, cleansers as well as serums and oils are all part of their daily routine. Being so in tune with nature, they tend to favor organic and natural skincare as well as makeup brands, such as Kora Organics, 100% Pure and other Australian-based brands. While they do like to play with vibrant colors and makeup techniques, very little to no foundation is involved in the process. After all, when it’s already beaming with health, there’s no reason to cover and hide the face, is there?