A Room with a View: A Complete Guide to Small Apartment Décor

The trend of small apartments and tiny houses has definitely gained a large following. There is so much to love about small apartments – first of all, they’re cozy, easy to clean and maintain, and with some clever décor, you can make them appear not only larger, but more luxurious. Of course, there are the multi-purpose elements to put to work, and the modern designs available in abundance will give every home that spot-on Scandinavian vibe that oozes both minimalism and luxury at the same time. To help you use your small space in the best possible way without sacrificing the aesthetics of your beloved small sanctuary, we have come up with some amazing décor ideas that will have you gasping with #decorgoals.

Words: Brigitte Evans


1. Maximise and Brighten

When living in a small apartment, your first goal is for it to be airy, light and spacious. In the spirit of Scandinavian living, don’t close the curtains or drapes but pull them to the sides so you get as much natural light as possible. This works with every type of windows, although large ones provide maximum exposure to light. As for visually maximising the space, there is no solution simpler than a large mirror.

2. Glam It Up

One of the ingenious solutions that won’t only give the illusion of high ceilings, but also allows you to put a personal stamp to your place and reveal your style and persona, is art. It doesn’t really matter what kind of art it is, it can be a Lichtenstein print, a neon sign, a piece by a hip new artist – whatever your personal preference is. What is important is that you own two larger art pieces and you stack them one above the other. This will give your place a cool vibe, but more importantly, it will elongate it visually.

3. The Homely Feel

Of course, for your home to be inviting from the moment people get even near it, you simply must do something about the appearance of your door. The first thing you can do is choose among a great variety of cute, inviting and eco-friendly outdoor mats that will make your future guests feel welcome. Aside from that, a mat sends a message that you care about details and leave no ounce of space undecorated. To top things off, you could get one of those personalised door signs with your name carved in wood and with a whimsical drawing.

4. Unbox It

Small apartments have a tendency to look and feel a tad boxy, so to minimise that feel, curvy furniture is just what the décor doctor ordered. Look for sets of round tables, perhaps in different sizes, as well as circular or asymmetric rugs. Of course, let’s not forget those gorgeous couches with round instead of sharp design. This will, again, provide the space with a warm and inviting vibe, and also make it appear a bit larger than it is.

5. Play with Colour

One of the shortcomings of small apartments is the kitchen that is more often than not are pea-sized. However, that doesn’t mean charm and beauty should be sacrificed. On the contrary – paint your kitchen a soothing, but noticeable warm blue shade, and make it absolutely pop. The kitchen should be a fun space where you will enjoy spending time, so if more colour is what you’re after, turn your paintbrush towards the walls and turn your kitchen from drab to ultra-cute and chic.

6. Two in One

The thing small apartments appreciate the most are multi-purpose pieces that are both stylish and practical. One such piece is a gorgeous seating bench that can serve as shoe storage. There is, of course, the ultimate space saver – large coffee table that’s also storage space. We are talking about no other but the chic and cozy woven round table that can hold not only coffee but most of your blankets and covers. Finally, for those true champions among tiny apartments, the ultimate chic and space-saving hack – the loft bed. With a bed so minimalistic, it won’t even matter if your guests see it or even sit in one of the gorgeous geometric chairs under it.