Brand Spotlight: Can'O Water

Water is life. It covers 75% of the planet and makes up 60% of the human body. Every living creature depends on it for sustenance, driving great migrations and even igniting war and conflict in parts of the world, where water is scarce and the environment arid and drought-stricken.

Words: Mariam Sheikh

Can'O Water. 

Can'O Water. 

For those of us who reside in the developed world, however, water is plentiful and often conveniently packaged in a contemporary synthetic material called plastic, a petroleum-based innovation that emerged in the 1940s and 50s.

Despite its dominant presence in all aspects of modern life, however, the rise of plastic consumption hides a profoundly dark consequence for our environment, with oceanic pollution being a significant and serious side-effect. In fact, in a short documentary produced by ID, plastic is predicted to become the 'future fossil' of the world, as the global consumption of plastic products has led to the accumulation of large 'gyres', or masses of plastic waste, that can be found in every major ocean on the planet. This has led to the leaching of toxins into global food chains and the contamination of marine eco-systems. Statistics do not offer any additional optimism, as in the USA, over 50 million plastic bottles are used every year, with only 23% of these being recycled.

It is therefore ironic that the material used to contain water, a life giving resource, creates such detriment and degradation across societies and international borders, creating major concern among environmentalists, businesses and citizens alike. But keeping hydrated does not have not have to fuel an unsustainable consumer habit. Enter Can'O Water. An innovative British Brand that has introduced a refreshing twist on the traditional drinking can. The company sells mineral water in specially designed cans that sport a minimalist and sustainable design, intended for the practicality of modern life.

Can'O Water #Savant

With aluminium as its core material and a resealable lid, the mission of the company is to tackle wastage created by single-use plastic bottles, by offering consumers a sustainable alternative in the form of reusable cans. Can'O Water has already secured numerous admirers, with Ellie Golding and David Gandy describing the product as 'innovative', 'amazing and 'smart', while Alex Zane highlights the progressive attitude of the company claiming that the brand represents 'the future'.

Hence, with practical design and mindfulness for the planet at its core, the sleek black and white aesthetic of Can'O Water offers a great alternative for those who wish to keep hydrated and conscious about the impact of their purchases. With the current summer temperatures, reach for this great option to quench your thirst while promoting sustainable consumerism and support for a local British business. Opting for companies, like Can'O Water, also means that we as consumers can help the world, even through something as simple as choosing a multi-use drink-can.

Let's initiate change one can at a time!