Mindful Parenting: What are the 5 Proven Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat More Veggies?

When it comes to getting kids to eat vegetables, it is the most challenging task for all parents out there. It is because they often do not even prefer it themselves and sometimes they just want to force it down the throat of their kids. However, that is not the right way and it only takes the kids further away from eating healthy.

Words: John Marshall

After spending a lot of time with my kids and trying different techniques to get them to eat veggies, I have found some of the really effective ways. They will require some patience and consistency on your end, but the success will be yours in the end.

So, read through the tips and thank me later!

1. Be an Example for Them

Kids are at a stage where they are in the learning process. They mostly pick their habits and behaviours from their parents. Therefore, it is essential that you eat healthy veggies, too, if you want them to do so. Make vegetables on regular basis and eat them like you prefer them over everything else. Plus, it is better to not put options in front of the kids. When there won’t be any and you will be eating what they eat, there will be no whining either.

2. Turn Eating into Fun

Kids enjoy everything that involves some fun. Therefore, turn it into fun by making games out of the vegetables. For instance, make a smiley face or a rainbow using the veggies on their plate, and then ask them to make it vanish. They will suddenly develop an interest in finishing their plate amidst all the fun activity. They might not finish it completely, but you will surely succeed in taking a bit of healthy veggies down their system easily.

3. Take Them Along to The Market

Kids enjoy things more when they are involved. Take them to the farmer’s market and give them a small amount of money. Ask them to purchase their favourite vegetable using that money, while you buy tons of the others. Doing so will help them observe your habits, while making them feel encouraged to buy healthy for themselves, too. Then, come home and prepare the meal using the veggies they bought, and ask the kids to give you a hand in the preparation. It will be more interesting for them to eat what they bought and prepared than to have it all set on the table already.

4. Reward Them on Finishing their Plate

Reward the kids every time they finish their plate, as they feel appreciated and more motivated to repeat the good behaviour. For example, get them a nice present that encourages them to exercise, such a quality trampoline, as it is both fun and healthy for the kids. 

5. Stay Persistent

It is easy to lose patience and get frustrated to see how your kids are not willing to eat healthy. However, you need to understand that it takes some time and efforts. It is better to work hard on developing their habits of healthy eating at an early stage, as it continues when they grow up. Just keep setting an example for them, involve them in the preparation, and encourage them to eat, make eating fun for them and reward them whenever they finish their plate. All your efforts will pay off well in the end!