Popular Culture: 3 Most Common Reasons People Choose Cosmetic Surgery

In today’s rushed world, we all strive to be healthier and happier, but that doesn’t just come naturally for everyone. A lot of people who get plastic surgery have a health reason behind it, so let’s dig deeper to see why people are changing their bodies.

Words: Brigitte Evans

Cosmetic surgeries have seen a rise in popularity in the past couple of years, with more and more people opting to fix some part of their body. And while cosmetic surgeries are getting a lot of criticism for being unnecessary and only being there to lower people’s self-esteem in their natural selves, they are actually providing something very important: a healthier life.

1. Improve Your Lifestyle

Sometimes our bodies are standing in our way of having the lifestyle we want, and the change we need might not be possible to achieve by ourselves. A lot of women have back and shoulder pain from having naturally large breasts, which prevents them from taking part in certain sports and even everyday activities. In those cases, breast reduction surgery can relieve the load off the back and neck. Similarly, some people with irregular noses might have difficulty breathing and therefore have to avoid some activities or be in constant fear of not being able to breathe properly. A nose correction can help them breathe normally and enjoy life fully. Sometimes, it can also be the push you need towards a healthier life, like people who need to lose weight for medical reasons getting skin reduction surgery to be able to continue working out and losing weight – ultimately improving their health. After all, if there is something that science and medicine can do for us to improve our quality of life, why not take the opportunity and give yourself the best chances.

2. It’s Not Only Physical Health

Looking different from the majority of people in your surroundings is never easy. And while the facts are not bright, we have to face the fact that a lot of people in our surroundings have mental health issues because of their looks. For some, it is because they have been rejected from society, and for others, it is the struggle with their self-esteem. And mental health is just as important as physical health, so if someone is struggling with accepting themselves because they have a facial deformity, tuberous breasts or other physical conditions, they should have every right to change whatever features they want to make themselves feel good. And along with working on making sure we are raising awareness and tolerance towards people of all different shapes and abilities, we should be making sure that people feel safe to ask for help with changing their physical appearance if that is what will help them feel good and be healthy in every way.

3. Reconstruction

The majority of cosmetic surgeries are done as some form of reconstruction. Whether that’s reconstructing scar tissue, recovering body parts that have been damaged by injuries, burns and other traumas, reconstruction is as important for physical health as it is for mental health. Scars can often remind us of times that weren’t all that good, and having such reminders on our bodies isn’t comfortable. But just as often, reconstructive surgery is done to allow people a quality of life they had before the trauma, or even to give them a better life than they ever had by helping them with the ability to move, speak and eat. Sure, people would be able to survive without those procedures, but if the stigma around cosmetic procedures is the only thing stopping them from living a better life, then we should be doing everything we can to fight it.

If we start thinking about cosmetic surgeries as more than just 'beauty procedures' that people get in the never-ending quest for beauty, we will start to understand that they are vital to our health and quality of life. And the next time you hear about someone getting liposuction, a nose job or any other cosmetic surgery, remind yourself that they are doing it to improve the quality of their life. And if you feel like something about your body has been holding you back your whole life, you might want to consider cosmetic surgery yourself. Or if you are perfectly satisfied with your looks – don’t take it for granted!