The Ultimate Guide to Gifting {Yep, This 34 Item List Serves You Well Beyond Xmas}

What would Xmas be without an accidentally slipped 'want' or 'need'? There's no reason to discipline your gorgeous generosity: this winter say how much they mean to you with these eco-friendly, mindful gifts. Enter the sweetest season with a warmer, loving heart: Savant's Ultimate Gifting Guide is here. Our editors have made their best picks and wishes this Xmas, perfect for both, gifting and receiving at Xmas and beyond. That comes without saying that the best things to find under the tree are lovingly made and guilt-free...  

Collective article by Team Savant

Leica: CL Camera

Leica: CL Camera

Evelin's Picks, Savant's Fashion and Events Editor based in Stockholm, Sweden

I would love to have everything and anything from Reformation, but as Santa has not won a lottery yet, here are my top affordable picks... 

Bar Jewellery: Dip Earrings

Bar Jewellery: Dip Earrings

1. Baserange velvet lingerie. 

2. Everything from organic basics: 'cause they’re basics! 

3. Nudie Jeans (Note: I’m not size 27 anymore). 

4. Bar Jewellery - yes, if you didn't know yet, recycled silver is a thing! 

5. Moon Juice’s Brain Dust to get through long dark Scandinavian winter.  

6. Never enough of Aesop and the scrub hand soap saves my manicure. 

7. People Tree Fisherman’s Jumper. Have you heard about the concept of cold?!  

Linne Botanicals: Purify Face Wash

Linne Botanicals: Purify Face Wash

Johanna's Picks, Savant's Senior Beauty Editor based in Tartu, Estonia

1. My number one this year! Last summer, Woolenstocks sent me a pair of comfy slippers, and they're officially the warmest and softest pair I have ever had! Not to mention they're handmade, too. Makes a truly unique gift! 

2. Ethically sourced subscription box.

3. Give the gift of mindfulness. Headspace offers online coaching to help you keep calm and carry on.

4. Eco-chic skincare.

5. Maybe a cosy sweater by Liisa Soolepp?

6. A book for the fashion-lover: Slow Fashion: Aesthetics Meets Ethics 

Aleksandra's Picks, Savant's Travel and Food Editor based in Madrid, Spain

1. Live Ultimate Camu Clay Mask: The company has developed an award-winning line of all natural, organic and sustainably sourced skin and sun care products formulated with the maximum effective dosage of each botanical active ingredient. 

2. Sasha Kretova Weekly Planner: All paper used to make the notebooks, print receipts, package sleeves, postcards and promotional material is 100% made of recycled post-consumer paper waste. 

Vivaterra: Recycled Glass Aquatic Life Wall Vase

Vivaterra: Recycled Glass Aquatic Life Wall Vase

3. Bodha Calm Ritual Incense: Made the traditional way on Japan's 'incense island', these gently scented incense sticks are the perfect thing to naturally scent your space. The Calm Ritual blend of lavender, geranium and rosewood has soothing herbal notes to create a sense of inner quiet and relaxation. 

4. Vivaterra Recycled Glass Aquatic Life Wall Vases: Vivaterra's merchants travel far and wide to bring you products that are not only charming and unique, but are also representative of our commitment to socially and environmentally conscious practices and materials. 

5. Pela Case ‘Believe in Better' Phone Case: Product features innovative plant-based material, made with a starch-based biopolymer, recycled materials and flax straw waste for added strength, free from BPA, lead, cadmium and phthalates, low-impact manufacturing. 

Brigitte's Picks, Savant's Beauty and Lifestyles Editor based in Australia

1. Great products, for the whole family and for a very reasonable price. 

2.  Natural thongs, perfect for Aussie boys. 

Etiko: Mimih Spirits Natural Rubber Thongs

Etiko: Mimih Spirits Natural Rubber Thongs

3.  Something for the teenagers

4. One great cookbook!

Hanna-Amanda's Picks, Savant's Editor-in-Chief based in Paris, France

Leica x ROH: Opera Glasses

Leica x ROH: Opera Glasses

1. Leica's precious treasures: clad with the finest Italian red leather and born as a successful collaboration between Leica x the Royal Opera House, these opera glasses are true show stoppers. Or if you do have more to splurge this year, surprise your loved ones with Leica's latest camera 'Leica CL': a perfect mix between iconic design, easy handling and state-of-the-art technology, allowing you to control the camera and snap from your smartphone or tablet.

2. Organic cotton love affair: pyjama or a sexy fair trade lingerie set by Amaella. Gifting lingerie can be a rather embarrassing affair, yet these underwear sets will bring out the enigmatic laissez-faire of every woman. So you can be confident the comfort and caressing effect of the organic cotton briefs or pyjamas is a safe choice for all. 

3. Confidence starts from skin: Your Good Skin's Balancing Skin Concentrate makes sure your most important visible organ is well looked after with the ever-so vital pampering care, whilst improving texture and boosting your skin's inner radiance. Following their #28DayChallenge on the 'Gram comes as a great bonus! 

Aesop: Marrakech Intense Eau de Toilette

Aesop: Marrakech Intense Eau de Toilette

4. Release some festive season's stress with careful slow cooking: shrug off the weight of healthy meal planning in the New Year by mastering the know-how of Ayurvedic eating. Get to know your body's relationship with food and be ready to prep some of the most delicious seasonal meals in 2018, with Divya Alter's What to Eat for How You Feel: The New Ayurvedic Kitchen - 100 Seasonal Recipes.  

5. A warmer heart in the making: instead of unknown, less spirited makers, opt for embracing the heritage feel of true traditional crafts with soul. By gifting My Made in Box's unique London subscription box, you'll do a whole lotta good, like supporting local production and artisanal makers all around the world. 

6. For elevating the senses: Aesop's Marrakech Intense, distinguished by woody, oriental notes, will expose the true witchcraft of fragrance; the elevating power the signature scent so often bears.  

Meri's Picks, Savant's Health and Wellness Editor based in Tel Aviv, Israel

Arela Studio: Aspen Hoodie

Arela Studio: Aspen Hoodie

1. Scents: this JUL Mini Gift Set from Skandinavisk

2. Undies: a sustainable underwear box-kit by Woronstore, or some simple basics by Hara The Label. 

3. Books: Moomins & Oxfam book, or ebooks gift card.

4. Rest: Settle for a deep, calm and comfortable slumber, or Banyan Botanicals Sleep Support Bundle.

5. Chocolate: indulge with Goodio's Royal Flush 8 Pack

6. Comfort: Arela Studio's 100% chemical-free cashmere Aspen hoodie

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