Trendenser: ELLE Deco Interior Design Blog of the Year on the Millennial Trend of Urban Trees and Plant Swaps

Millennial trendsetters are sharing plant love and green inspiration, not only on Pinterest and Instagram, but in plant swaps and design jungle events. We reached out to Frida Ramstedt, the woman behind Trendenser, ELLE Deco interior design blog of the year, to enquire about plant displays that Millennials have fallen for.

Words: Meri

Image: Trendenser

Image: Trendenser

Millennials are going “potty for plants”, according to The Guardian. Green plants are most definitely a big trend at the moment, as can be witnessed by plant groups on Facebook, hashtags and influencers on Instagram; and the events plant lovers attend, varying from blog events to design jungle workshops.

Green friends are also adored because they are beautiful home décor. Green inspiration and plant styling ideas are received and shared on Pinterest and Instagram. Because of the trend, now many have also become true collectors of plants, perhaps even of specific plant families. Coleus is trending in Scandinavia, because they are easy to take cuttings from and share – for example, proud plant owners connect with each other using the hashtag #palettbladunite. Fiddle leaf fig is trending in London, Coleus among Stockholmers, and cacti everywhere, from Coachella to Shoreditch. Belonging in a plant group on social media is now a must: for the best ones, you must have a recommendation to be accepted. People love to nurture and take good care of their plants, and are more and more aware of the positive health effects of having a green plant or an entirely green wall.

Plant swap events are trending in the major capitals, from Berlin to New York. Together with Berlin Kreativ Kollektiv, Plant Circle organises workshops, such as the How to Not Kill Your Plants workshop, educating plant enthusiasts about which plants to put where, as well as about repotting, health benefits, and how to grow an avocado plant from scratch. The New York plant swap event is hosted by Lululemon and can be followed livestream.

"Plants do give us fresh air to breathe and help us keep a healthy environment. But I also think we like to take care of things we can control when the world is a bit noisy and scary." 

Image: Trendenser

Image: Trendenser

To dig deeper in the depths of the popular plant trend, we asked Frida Ramstedt, the woman behind Scandinavia’s most popular interior design blog Trendenser, about which plants are gaining momentum.

Which or what types of indoor plants are on trend at the moment?

Green plants without 'flowers', such as Monstera, Geranium, and cacti, are very much on trend right now.

Image: Trendenser

Image: Trendenser

What types of plant displays and décor are trending?  

Not just window plants, but larger ones: fig trees in the size of 'small indoor trees', placed in corners, as well as flower benches and hanging pots that are used a bit further in our rooms than just where the daylight catches them.

For which green plants have you fallen for yourself?

I love Geranium for the sweet perfume they give to a room, as well as Philodendron due to its size and easy maintenance.

Do you think green plants are a particularly big trend right now? Where does the trend manifest itself?

I believe the trend is a sign of manifestation for the importance of our environment. Plants do give us fresh air to breathe and help us keep a healthy environment. But I also think we like to take care of things we can control when the world is a bit noisy and scary. Perhaps the world politics, the current environmental situation and the terror threats make us more eager to look after the smaller things in our lives?