Sustainably Made Hosiery: Swedish Stockings

Ever heard of caring, eco-conscious hosiery? Swedish Stockings’ founders Nadja Forsberg and Lynn Frisinger - a team of two ambitious innovators - prove that stockings are a petroleum product no more. Instead, be prepared to fall in love with their quality pantyhose made from certified recycled yarn. What’s even better, they proudly add to a wonderful row of Scandinavian storytelling brands, and we’re instantly hooked by their elegant craft.

Swedish Stockings

What lured you into the niche business of eco-friendly hosiery in particular?

[It all began] when we finally realised how big the industry actually is, [also acknowledging] the fact that that pantyhose is a petroleum product and one of our biggest consumables got us where we stand today…We felt like eco-friendly pantyhose is a given!

“As consumers, every time we buy something, we vote for how it has been made.”

How are sustainability principles incorporated into the production of your wonderful stockings? How does it work with eco-friendly dyes?

Swedish Stockings creates pantyhose out of recycled yarn from NILIT. The product is called Nilit ecocare yarn and it is produced in Israel by NILIT. By melting down the overflow of nylon from earlier production, they recreate the nylon thread. This innovation is patented by NILIT and the process itself also means a big reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. Nilit then ships the recycled thread to our manufacturer in Italy called Calze Ileana. Their business is family-owned and a a bit smaller compared to other hosiery manufacturers. Ileana herself is very engaged in maintaining high standards and a 100% sustainable production. The water used during the colouring process is purified and flows back into the agricultural landscape. In addition, a huge part of their production is also driven by solar panels, which are zero-waste. The colours are obtained in their own strictly controlled laboratory.

What is the most challenging part when it comes to pushing forward your niche industry?

Being held back by technology. We are depending on other forward-thinking industries and innovations and that is sometimes holding us back when it comes to product development. 

Surprisingly, a great deal of ethical undergarment brands come from the Scandinavian region. What could be the reason behind that phenomenon?

I think [in our region] we are used to products being well made and we are genuinely conscious people looking for storytelling and depth within brands. First and foremost, quality is immensely important for us. We are also more connected to nature up here of course! 

In what ways do you follow sustainability principles in your own everyday lifestyles, apart from your brand?

Surely a lot. I guess our focus on and interest in sustainable products was the reason why we founded Swedish Stockings. It has influenced the way we choose our food, beauty products, cleaning products, clothes, you name it, and vice versa.

Swedish Stockings

People are getting more aware of the harmful effects of the fashion industry as such, yet there's still a lot of campaigning to do. How can we possibly make conscious brands more visible to the everyday consumer?

We founded Swedish Stockings two and a half years ago and only in a year or so we encountered a big difference when it comes to [people having] interest in sustainable fashion. People want to know more nowadays and they do ask questions. It is completely up to the companies and brands to be transparent and informative, yet at the same time offer a sustainable product of great quality and design. 

Who is your target customer? What's the approach you use to make your customers satisfied with the end product, and make them never look back again?

Conscious women. By honesty, great quality and style. 

Nadja Forsberg and Lynn Frisinger, Founders of Swedish Stockings

What will the near future bring for the SS brand?

Hopefully we are going to grow bigger, expanding even more outside of Sweden. 

What's the message you would like to deliver to the readers concerning fashion and ethics?

As consumers, every time we buy something, we vote for how it has been made.

Name one thing that needs to change in the future world of fashion, perhaps in the Scandinavian region. 

Sustainability within fashion must be profitable.

Swedish Stockings

Swedish Stockings

Swedish Stockings