British Ethical Fashion Marketplace Mamoq Releases 'The Sustainable Fashion Blueprint 2018'

Recently, the British sustainable fashion marketplace Mamoq teamed up with students from the Cambridge University Judge Business School MBA program to explore the potential of sustainability in minimising the challenges of the fashion industry.

Published in Collaboration with Jennifer Hakim Communications

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Book Review: 'Wear No Evil' by Greta Eagan

Sustainable fashion has grown significantly as an industry. Now, greater awareness is being placed on the impacts of fast fashion for both people and the environment. Greta Eagan, a New-York based eco-stylist and sustainable living consultant, has produced a tangible guide to navigate this exciting area of fashion in her book Wear No Evil.

By Mariam Sheikh

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When Ethical Fashion Takes Over Dubai: What Can We Learn from Blogger Style Destino?

'Fast and more' culture has been long dominating the world of personal essay, but luckily there are those advocating social change, even as far as in UAE. Fashion blogger Shruti Jain of Style Destino shares her ambition to bring Dubai on the map of ethical blogging world.

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