Our TOP 5 Spring Beauty Favourites

1. All You Need Is Me natural ointment by True Organic of Sweden

Spring here in the Northern hemisphere takes a while to turn from crispy cold to cozy and delicate freshness. That’s why we appreciate the All You Need Is Me natural ointment by True Organic of Sweden as a part of our daily skincare routine. This natural blend is suitable for use anywhere and everywhere - even on your lips! It moisturizes as well as heals chapped skin. The travel-size version is perfect for popping into your purse!

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2. Tucuma Cocoon Ultra-Soft Deo by NadiaZ

Sweating is not cool in any case, but nor are the aggressive chemicals and aluminium salts found in most regular deodorants. Swiss luxury range cosmetics brand NadiaZ offers a great alternative in the form of an artisanal blend of active indigenous plant based ingredients, helping to protect from unpleasant bodily odours in a more natural way. NadiaZ Tucuma Cocoon Ultra-Soft Deo, inspired by the founder's research on Amazonian plants, with an easy-to-apply thick texture doesn’t even attempt to be your continuous 24h protection, but realistically needs to be re-applied every now and then to prevent you from sweating. If this means benefiting from the nature at its finest, we go in all the way. For effective results, make the best out of respecting the ancient rituals and ditch all the chemos.

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3. Hyaluronic Acid Cream Mask by LUMI

Prepare your skin to soak in all the lovely sun with the revitalising Hyaluronic Acid Cream Mask by LUMI. The mask is extremely moisturising and nourishing and perfect for all skin types. It’s easy to use and carries great results. Your skin will be fresh and glowing.

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4. Peppermint Floral Water by Dabba

One of the best things about Spring are the smell of fresh grass and dewy mornings. That’s why we love Dabba’s Peppermint Floral Water in a convenient glass spray bottle! It’s a refreshing and cleansing toner that can wake you up even on the gloomiest of days.

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5. Vegan Lipsticks by Axiology

If you’re looking to brighten up your look this season, why not try out Axiology’s Vegan Lipsticks? Their creamy and moist, yet light texture is ideal for everyday use. Axiology carries a variety of shades from soft nudes to dark as the night, making it easy to mix and match with different outfits on every occasion. There’s something for everyone. What better way to welcome Spring than making a conscious make-up choice!

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#WeAreTesting: True Organic of Sweden

‘All You Need Is Me’ — this high-performance product by True Organic of Sweden is a natural ointment made of certified organic ingredients without any added extras — parabens, sulfates, alcohol, or other synthetic chemicals. This 100% natural tube made of sugarcane is here to help treat sunburn, eczema, cuts, dry hair ends from rain or snow, tired muscles, and gives a fine finish for lips. 

You may apply it on your elbows, knees, face, tip of your nose and even hair, so instead of numerous products causing unnecessary waste, the benefits of healing organic compounds have been gathered into one that’s multi-effective. We especially loved the repairing effect of this miraculous potion, which showed immediate results when used on lips and even the more delicate facial skin, leaving it soft and smooth after use.

This multi-effective product comes especially handy in winter to fight skin dryness and eczema. We are extremely pleased to have discovered this natural product from True Organic of Sweden’s holistic skincare range for winter, and it will stick with us on our beauty counters for quite some time. 

“It is odourless and colourless, so at first glance I didn’t know what to expect, but it’s incredibly effective. It’s one of those does-what-it-says-it-does type of products, and I like such honest, transparent approach by beauty brands. It heals your skin and moisturises it for the entire day ahead. It doesn’t leave skin annoyingly greasy or oily, but quite the opposite — it absorbs quickly and leaves a soft finish. What’s even better — you can use it on your lips, too, so you won’t have to carry (or constantly look for a missing) lip balm with you 24/7. The pocket-sized version is particularly great when you’re on the go.” 

— Reviewed by Johanna Raudsepp, Editor’s Assistant

Sometimes simplicity in texture combined with natural ingredients in their purest form, without extra additives and chemical compounds, in one tube is all you need. If you, too, are looking for your next green beauty all-in-one, this product is not to be missed. It’s simple, all you need is me!

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