Top Beauty and Wellness Trends Predicted in Summer 2019

When it comes to keeping your body in the right condition, you might take extreme measures or find unique ways to improve your looks and health. And when new trends surface with the promise to reduce premature aging or increase sleep quality, why not try them?

Words: Kate Harveston

Summer 2019 Top Beauty and Wellness Trends Savant Magazine

The last year held many successful and failed attempts for beauty and wellness, but several practices and developments are sticking around this year. Some are based on research progress, and others are natural products making a comeback in a new form. Check out these top five trends for summer 2019.

1. Sip Some Collagen

Image:    Park Street    on    Unsplash

Whether you've seen people popping collagen in capsules or in their drinks, this trend has been flooding social media and is set to continue in 2019. People put collagen powder in whatever they can to boost their skin's health and long-term appearance, and this supplement seems to restore a supple look to the skin.

From shots of collagen to collagen coffee creamers, people often favor the drink form to nourish their faces. Fortunately, ingesting collagen is a safe practice, and it doesn't taste bad either. Collagen also helps your joints move smoothly, so this trend extends beyond beauty to your overall wellbeing.

2. Protect Your Skin from Blue Light

Image:    Ben Scott    on    Unsplash

While your sunscreen blocks the sun's harmful UV rays, it might be missing a substantial source of skin damage. The light that most electronics emit, blue light or high-energy visible (HEV) rays, also causes negative effects. But the beauty world is meeting this reality head-on with skincare products to prevent HEV damage.

HEV takes more of a toll on your skin than UVA and UVB rays. Think of sitting in front of your computer without protection like laying out in the sun without any sunscreen, and there is the potential for early signs of aging and skin cancer, too. In 2019, expect to see creams, mists and more to shield your skin from these rays and other pollutants.

3. Use CBD Wellness Products

As more states legalize cannabis, more CBD health and glamour products are entering the marketplace. In 2019, cannabis is also gaining ground in makeup and skincare, as it can reduce inflammation and repair dry skin. From calming face masks to night creams and soaps, CBD oil is showing up in many cosmetic items from big name brands.

CBD products' potential in wellness is starting to develop with benefits such as stress relief and help with chronic pain. According to a survey in 2017 by the Cannabis Consumers Coalition, 53 percent of women were consuming cannabis compared to 42 percent for men, and many women use CBD oil and other products for menstrual-related symptoms. Depending on your state's laws, you might be able to get access to medical marijuana, so consult a physician about cannabis as a treatment.

4. Introduce Probiotics to Your Face and Your Food

Probiotic supplements aren't new to wellness, but these fresh takes on these nutrients are — topical probiotics for skin and ingested probiotics through snack foods. Applying beneficial bacteria on top of your skin might treat and protect you from things such as acne, skin hypersensitivity and eczema. The cosmetic advantages are worth checking this trend out.

But probiotics are hitting the grocery store aisles, too. You've probably had probiotics in yogurt, but now chips, popcorn, fruit snacks, granola and more have probiotics infused in them. If you're not a fan of taking a pill, you can jump on this bandwagon of tasty and innovative probiotic options in 2019.

5. Start Facial Fitness

After leg and arm day, you can add in face day to your exercise routine. Some people title this trend facial yoga while others are dubbing it the face gym, but whatever you call it, it can have visible effects after practicing your facial moves for a few months. Increasing circulation and stimulating collagen are just two benefits from flexing your face muscles.

Many people are even hiring personal trainers for facial fitness exercises in 2019. You can avoid botox and other surgeries with this simple, daily beauty practice that many are adopting this year. Fight off signs of aging and tone your face with this noninvasive beauty solution.

Stay Ahead of 2019's Summer Beauty Trends

For the latest ways to stay healthy and practice beauty habits, watch for these trends in summer 2019. From probiotic snacks to facial fitness, you can try these emerging movements to see what works for you. Everyone's body is different, and each person's wellness routine is unique to them, so join the trends that complement your lifestyle this summer.