Interior Crush of the Moment: 8 Gorgeous Scandinavian Nurseries Decor Details We Love

Sleek, small, and positively minimalist is a good theme for a home, and we’ve had our fun with it for a long time. The trend that's still ruling our home decor favourites seems to be the Scandinavian style, and we’re loving the cool and comfy atmosphere it creates. It’s perfect for the nursery and many parents are embracing it, so if you’re looking for good colour schemes and ideas on how to decorate your baby’s sleeping space, let us show you some great ideas.

Words: Brigitte Evans

1. Cushions and Faux Furs

Scandinavian Nurseries (2).jpg

Cushions not only keep the place comfy, but they also keep it safe for the baby and make it easier for them to crawl around and explore the room untroubled. To make it even more lush and soft, take the Nordic trend and add fur details all around. Grey or white faux fur is a great way to create a cozy atmosphere and your baby is bound to love the tactile sensation of being snuggled up against fur things. It’ll remind them of cute animals. 

2. Cottage Details

Light-coloured wood is a great pick for the crib and wall panels, and we also suggest wooden toys, a rocking chair, and closets that match the theme. It will brighten up the space and give it a tough or retro.

3. Tech-Free Space

This is a great trend and a great idea for parents who don’t want their child growing up dependent on technology. Designate your child’s bedroom as a tech-free space and keep phones, tablets, and computers away from it. Fill the room with books and make sure your child has options to reach for old-fashioned toys when they’re bored instead of just turning to their parents’ tablet.

4. Soft Pink and Greys

Scandinavian Nurseries.jpg

Soft, dove grey is actually one of the best base colours for a nursery because it has very calming properties. If you pair it with light pink you’ll have a very nice combo on your hands that your baby is going to love, and you can easily incorporate it into the furniture. Pillows, blankets, and soft swaddle wraps to keep your baby warm will add the details you need and make the room look beautiful.

5. Lanterns as Decoration

White lanterns with cartoon decorations can add a lot of visual interest to the room, and kids generally like them because they remind them of balloons. Keep one or several on the ceiling to create a fun environment that inspires creativity.

6. Tents for Playing Spaces

Scandinavian Nurseries (3).jpg

Is there a single kid who doesn’t love building pillow forts and tents and creating their own little private space? You can buy a tent-like canopy for their bed to keep them feeling extra snuggled while they sleep, or you can make a little tent for them in the corner of the room where they will keep their toys and designate it as their little safe space that they can go to when they’re feeling upset.

7. Feather Motifs

Feather motifs are also a part of the Scandinavian craze, and they’re a sweet little motif to focus on for the nursery. From feather patterns on blankets and swaddle wraps, to feather cut outs as ornaments, or actual feathers hanging from the ceiling. The whole room will feel like an angel’s nest and it’s a very easy, inexpensive decoration to use that makes a big difference.

8. Stripes

Scandinavian Nurseries (1).jpg

White, grey, blue, or any of these with a pop of colour to make it more interesting. Stripes are old-school, effective, and kids love the simple pattern.

The Scandinavian decor is all about soothing colours and calming atmosphere, and this kind of surrounding encourages positive emotions and creativity in children. Scandinavian colour schemes are a really good choice for the nursery, but so are their other decor ideas. We hope that you like these tips and that you create a beautiful place for your child to spend their days!