A Fond Adieu to Dark Circles: New! LUMI Superbloom Serum Duo

Just last month we tested out their Tundra line and could not stop talking about it. Get excited - LUMI has launched a new serum duo Superbloom to boost your youthful look and restore your skin of the stress and imbalances obtained from the harsh Nordic climate. 

Words: Johanna Raudsepp

LUMI: Superbloom Face & Eye Serum duo, 2016. 

LUMI: Superbloom Face & Eye Serum duo, 2016. 

Superbloom is a magical natural phenomenon where a desert in perfect weather explodes in a sea of flowers. The high-end Superbloom serums will re-energise you and your skin. 

LUMI Superbloom face serum heals and prevents signs of ageing, restoring the elasticity and giving your skin a silky-smooth finish. It’s especially suitable for those, who prefer a water-free product during winter. 

Say goodbye to dark circles! LUMI Superbloom eye serum reduces swelling and gives a dewy finish. The ingredients in this cooling serum moisturise and smooth your skin. Your sensitive skin will be protected and rejuvenated. 

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