#Think-Piece: Is Authenticity Back In Fashion? We Analyse 6 Trends

Society is reimagining and wrestling with identity at a global level – such as the right to privacy, migration and displacement and perception of women in the media. To help navigate through this change we look to uncompromising clarity.”  

By Aleksandra Medina

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Exploring Tel Aviv's Young Eco Talent: 6 Captivating Slow Design Brands Spotted at the Market TLV

The fall market presented the works of notable up-and-coming textile and jewellery designers, florists, artists, illustrators, and other creative artists. Meri guides us through the 6 new eco brands to watch. 

By Meri Frig

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La Fille Colette: Sustainable Dresses Inspired by Versatility of Art Movements

La Fille Colette's versatile feminine dresses are inspired by opulent art movements and ready to adorn the most powerful of women. We had a closer look at her latest op art inspired dress collection.  

By Hanna-Amanda Pant

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